New Age of Aquarius:
2012 Prophecy



  • We need to be aware that there is something important about the year 2012.

  • We need to start looking for answers to some of the important questions that we have, questions some of which we thought there is no answers to and have been left to the back of our mind.

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2012 Prophecy

Do you remember the movie 2012? The movie depict that time as a scenario of catastrophe and cataclysm. Have you heard rumors of doomsday 2012 and end of the world or end of time during the year 2012?

There is also the rumors of a pole shift happening and of a planetary size object called Nibiru coming towards Earth.

No doubt, the movie together with these rumors caused a lot of fear and apprehension. The questions are just how true are the doom and gloom, and where did the idea of 2012 originate from?

When Roland Emmerich was asked about his movie 2012, he mentioned that when he typed the number 2012 on google, "BAM" there were 240 million hits. He initially told himself he would never do another disaster movie again but because of this popularity on the idea of end of the world in 2012, he decided to do it again.

He also mentioned that the year 2012 was an idea taken from the Mayan Calendar where that year is when the calendar ends. He has chosen to use natural disasters, poles shift, to bring about the end of the world in his movie. Unsurprisingly, these are the kinds of ideas that the studios love, most certainly because of its money making potential.

Despite that Roland had created films about aliens and disasters he said he never believed in aliens or that the world would end in 2012. Therefore, the end of the world portrayed in the film 2012 was more for its entertainment value rather than basing on truth.

Apparently the idea of big changes happening in the year 2012 was taken from the famous Maya Long Count Calendar where the great cycle of several thousand years will end on December 21st 2012.

The Mayans were skilled mathematicians and observers of heaven. This was evident in their calendars. So what exactly does the end of the Long Count Calendar signify? Is it really the end of the world like what doomsday theorist would like you to believe? Did the Mayans even mention about the end of the world?

There have been rumors of doomsday in the past too but none of them proved to be true. Or else we would not have existed today.

If past predictions of doomsday have failed, what makes it valid this time round? The studies of the Mayans did not reveal any mentioning about the end of the world, but instead mentioned one where there will be a great change to humanity and a new beginning, a new dawn. Here is a video showing what the Mayan Elder, Don Alejandro, have to say.

Are the Mayan calendar and the findings to be believed? Who truly knows what is in stall for us?

Similar to what the Mayan Elders mentioned, there are many other sources of information which state that humanity is undergoing a drastic change, one in which we shall become wiser, more enlightened and this change has been termed to be a process called "Ascension".

Are the changes we are currently facing now got to do with this process? Perhaps. We have so many strange events occurring now and there many questions to address, some of which have lingered in our mind for a long time.

Questions Summary

Below is a summary of the main questions we have covered so far and which will be answered in a later section.

  • Why are there increasing rate of natural disasters going on in our world?

  • What is the main cause behind the extreme climate conditions around the world?

  • How true are the prophecies and predictions about 2012 that are circulating around?

  • Do aliens exist or a better question would be has humanity come into contact with aliens?

  • What causes money to become the dominant purpose in our lives?

  • What exactly is the purpose of life?

  • Why are there so many people, after they are well into their careers ended up with mid-career crisis?

  • Is it possible that our society be transformed to one where we do not need to worry about money and survival needs?

It is easy to present one or a few paragraphs of answers to the questions mentioned above. But how many people can truly understand or believe those answers without first understanding the bigger picture of what is going on behind the scene?


The truth about the reality that we live in, which I am going to show you, may be straight forward, but due to the nature of the context involved which requires a change in the way we perceive things, it is not so simple to understand and it is necessary for me to present elements from different context in order for you to grasp the bigger picture so as to facilitate the understanding of the truth.

The key point to my work is to express my perspective on what I know of the truth by bring in the work of others who have helped me understand and to show you that we need to expand our awareness as well as our consciousness.

I mentioned I am to express my perspective of the truth and not that it is the ultimate one truth because despite that I do my best to, what I bring across to you may not be totally accurate. It is hard to be totally accurate.

There is the one real ultimate truth which usually requires understanding of all the various factors that are involved. For example, the causes of the death of President John F. Kennedy and Princess Diana are not what the majority of the people thought them to be. What you know about it and choose to believe will be your truth.

We need to open our minds, and constantly seek to know the real truth. The real truth when we encounter it will ring a bell deep within us and it will motivate us to find more about it or that when we encounter it, we might knew instantly deep within ourselves that it is the truth.

I encourage you to research the work of others whom I will frequently bring up to illustrate my points and I hope you will find the real truth.

Do not believe anything you find elsewhere easily, look at them with discernment and do your own research. There is information out there that is meant to misinform or cause great amount of fear. Activate your bullshit detector and detect the lies that are created by these dark agents who work for the dark forces.

Fear is an illusion that arises from a dualistic way of thinking. The most primal of fears is the fear of death. Fear of the unknown arises when we care how the unknown can affect our life. It is only natural in this dualistic reality.

Know that we might feel fearful when we come to the realization of certain truth, especially those pertaining to the existence of other sentient beings. Realize and be aware of your unfounded fear and your wild imaginations. Be aware of your fear, face it and replace it with thoughts of peace, joy and love.

Next, we shall examine more closely the details of the Mayan Long Count Calendar and what some of the most notable Mayan Scholars have to say pertaining to 2012.


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