The New Age of Aquarius



  • To have a better understanding of the 2012 Ascension process and the New Age phenomena.

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Celestial Cycles

What exactly is the New Age all about?

It appears that in our universe, celestial bodies move in cycles. For example, the completion of an Earth orbit around our sun constitute to a year. Our sun is not stationary and has its own cycle of orbit too. We know that it rotates around the galactic center of the Milky Way approximately every 225 million years.

The Mayans

The Mayan Long Count calendar showed that on December 21 2012, it is the end of a 5,125 year Great Cycle and this cycle is made up of smaller cycles of smaller periods. It is seen that the conclusion of such a long cycle will bring with it significant changes.

It is a coincidence that the beginning of the Long Count which is around 3114 BC is also the period of time where the earliest recorded history of man is known. The Mayans being expert astronomers and mathematicians have perhaps recorded the destiny of mankind in the Long Count calendar.

The Mayans were known to have mysteriously disappeared during the peak of its civilization leaving behind pyramids and structures to be engulfed by the Yucatan jungle for hundreds of years. Where did they go?

From channeled information, it is known that the Mayan people went through a process of ascension and many Mayans ascended. This could be the reason why they appear to have mysteriously disappeared.

Many people questioned why the Mayan Calendar comes to an end on December 21 2012. We know that there will be a great shift of consciousness for humanity. Perhaps it is a time when the recording of the history of man will end because the concept of time will be seen differently. Perhaps time will no longer be seen as linear, but seen in a way where the past, present and future exist in the "Now".

If you look at the work of Mayan Scholars such as Dr. Jose Arguelles, Carl Johan Calleman Ph.D and John Major Jenkins, all of them mentioned of how the Mayan calendar prediction of 2012 is actually the beginning of a major shift in human consciousness. To have three notable Mayan experts agreeing on the same idea certainly suggests something is going on here.

Looking at the Mayans, during the conclusion of a certain age in the past where it is of a smaller cycle as compared to that of 2012, many Mayans ascended out of the 3rd dimension which is the physical experience after their culture was influenced by evil where they began to sacrifice animals. Those that remained gradually experienced more influences from dark forces.

The current times have a similar context but it is one with a bigger involvement, the whole of humanity is involved. As the dark forces push their New World Order agenda, there is a division in humanity where those who are spiritually evolved will ascend and those that wish to further experience the physical dimension will experience the dark forces playing a bigger role.

Celestial Bodies

There is information out there that describe December 21 2012 winter solstice as a time when Earth will align with the Galactic Center of the Milky Way Galaxy which is also known as the Galactic Alignment. It is seen that there is a connection here to the Mayan calendar. The Mayans are known to be expert astronomers and their Long Count calendar is most likely based on celestial events. So what does this galactic alignment mean?

Recent scientific research shows that life on earth flourished and vanished in a cycle of approximately 62 million years. This coincides with the approximately 64 million years cycle where our Solar System completes a wave moving up and down around the galactic center of the Milky Way.

Below are links to articles that discuss about studies done on the biodiversity of Earth.

Earth Life Cycle 1

Earth Life Cycle 2

Earth Life Cycle 3

Earth Life Cycle 4

If we look at the information in the links and think for ourselves, we are seeing something important here. The point here is life on Earth do depend and are influenced by the position of our Solar System in the universe.

When we think deeper and narrow the context to our planet, if the position of our solar system in the galaxy can affect the life on our planet that means the positioning of celestial bodies in space does affect life on Earth one way or the other.

Perhaps that is why astrology and horoscopes are so popular. People knew there are elements of truth in it.

If we link this back to the Mayan Long Count calendar, we have reasons to believe that the end of the long count is an indicator of certain changes. Is it doomsday and the end of the world? Not really. At least we know Earth will still continue its orbit and movement in the galaxy. Please read on as I explain to you what this is all about.

Photon Belt

Interestingly but unsurprisingly, the end of the Mayan Long Count is also a time where it coincides with other cycles. One of the other cycles that we know of is one where we enter the Photon Belt which is also known as the Photon Band, Photon Ring, Manasic Ring, Golden Nebula or Interstellar Energy Clouds.

The photon belt was discovered by means of satellite instrument in 1961 and was named the Golden Nebula. It was later discovered that our solar system will be entering this interstellar energy cloud, however such information had been covered up by the government. The photon belt is a belt of photons that appears to emanate from the galactic center.

Just like our Earth orbits around the sun, and many other systems revolving other stars, our solar system is a part of the Pleiades system orbiting around the great central sun Alcyone of the Pleiades constellation every 25,000-26,000 years.

The photon belt that was discovered is present in the Pleiades system and during our orbit around Alcyone, our solar system will enter the photon belt twice with an interval of 2,000-2,100 years each.

Photon Belt Photon Belt

Our solar system has been gradually moving into the belt since a few decades ago and as the planets revolve around the sun, the planets, including Earth have been moving in and out of the belt. At around 2012 we would have fully entered the photon belt.

Astrophysicist, Dr. Alexey N. Dimitriev gave a good description on how the Photon Belt affects us.

There are studies of the Mayan culture and mention by the Mayans that tell us we are currently at the 4th or 5th sun or in between (Mayan terminology) and in which we will be entering a new era soon.

If we use the Mayan Long Count of 5,125 years and multiply it by 5, we get 25,625 years which is approximately 26,000 years. This appears to correlate with the orbit around Alcyone and also coincide with one complete cycle of all the twelve astrological ages.


The changes that are occurring are in conjunction with our evolution as well. In this article on human evolution, we can see that humans are evolving by leaps and bounds, much faster than in the past. In another words, our evolution is accelerating, and not just progressing in a constant manner.

We are becoming more and more intelligent. It was only a few centuries ago that we were riding horses, now the technology is so much more advanced.

I have mentioned earlier that the position of our solar system in the universe has an influence on us, so what kind of influence could the photon belt have on our evolution?

Dr. Noel Huntley described his findings pertaining to the photon belt and its implication to our evolution.

Plenty of information about the photon belt can be found in the book titled, The Pleiadian agenda: a new cosmology for the age of light, by Barbara Hand Clow. It is a book with channeled information mainly from Satya, a higher being. You can read it for free here.

Massive Changes

Earth's journey into the photon belt is an indicator of massive changes and also the beginning of the path to the next ice age, similar to what had happened in the past. We are now facing all kinds of strange drastic changes on Earth and that applies to the whole solar system as well.

From channeled information, we have entered the photon belt a few decades ago and it is making drastic changes gradually to our environment. If you have noticed, a lot of animals are becoming extinct as part of the adjustment. Some new species are emerging. Life on Earth is evolving where our mind and consciousness are becoming clearer. Our DNA and our bodies too are changing.

The increasing occurrence of natural disaster is partly due to Gaia's cleansing of her body to prepare for ascension into the fifth dimension. Much of the changes are being monitored and controlled by the Galactic Federation forces.

We have observations from the scientific community of planets in our solar system going through sudden drastic changes and the causes of these changes is often attributed to other unfounded assumptions and vague conjured reasons. Click on the respective links of the respective planets or moon to look at findings.

Note that at the time when those articles were written, dark forces are still in control and they would not want to acknowledge that we are entering the photon belt and to associate the changes with it.

If we put everything together, we can see for ourselves that the whole solar system is warming up since a few decades ago. This is around the time when our solar system is entering the photon belt.

Global Warming Not Man-made

We were led to believe that the global warming on Earth was mainly caused by us humans on Earth but there is evidence to support that such an indication was not true. Furthermore the whole global warming campaign has now known to be a swindle.

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Ivar Giaever and Emeritus Professor of Physics Harold Lewis resigned from the American Physical Society (APS) on the account of global warming scam.

Astrological Ages - Age of Aquarius

Astrological Age comes from the study of Astrology. The current astrological age will be the constellation which the Spring / Vernal Equinox is pointing to and it will change because of the precession of equinox phenomenon.

We are now at both the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius and are transiting to the time where the Age of Pisces will end and Earth will be fully immersed into the Age of Aquarius.

Note that because the Gregorian calendar is highly inaccurate, it is difficult to determine which year exactly the new age will occur. However, it is clear from astrologers that we are currently in transit of moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

It was mentioned earlier that the position of celestial bodies in the heaven do affect our life and therefore we should understand that astrology can give information that are useful and relevant to us. Astrology had been in use since ancient times in ancient cultures and even to this day.

An example of how the positioning of the celestial bodies in the heaven is related to us can be found in horoscope readings where the birth date of a person is used to derive his or her characteristics and certain life details.

Good astrologers usually have some level of extra sensory perception and that is how they are able to give accurate readings. So how does a reading pertaining to the change of ages look like? From what I have gathered from channeled information, here is an example.

The Age of Taurus, also the time the time of Moses, is signified by the bull. It is a time when religion began and when the worship of cattle started. It is ruled by the opposite sign, Scorpio which symbolizes death, sex, rejuvenation and transformation.

During the Age of Taurus, we saw the practice of mummification, the priests work with the dead to transform them for their next life and there exist the golden calf which was revered as the fertility god of sex. These characteristics were brought over to the next age.

The Age of Aries, depicted by the ram of David, was a time marked by the concept of warriors and kings in constant battle, of fiery god, of the god of vengeance, wrath, jealousy, competitiveness and military might. The Old Testament of Jehovah was in reference to this. It is ruled by the opposite sign of Libra which symbolizes balance and the law.

The Age of Aries is the time of warring kingdoms, of the Ten Commandments, the Ark of the Covenant and the appearance of agreements, partnerships and marriages. These characteristics were brought over to the Age of Pisces.

The Age of Pisces, represented by the fish is a water sign and is a time marked by the exploration of the sea and the discoveries of land. The opposite sign Virgo is a sign of the virgin which is a sign that depicts analyzing, filing, collection and recording of information.

During this age, we have the virgin priests in the church who pledged to be virgins, initiating the tasks of collecting, analyzing, categorizing, recording and filing of information. All these are being brought over to the Age of Aquarius which is now.

The Age of Aquarius is represented by man pouring water which means to serve others and water can also mean electricity. Aquarius is ruled by the opposite sign Leo which is a sign that represents the stage, games, sports, marketing, packaging, demonstration and children.

Just like the planet Mars rule over Aries, Neptune over Pisces, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Uranus has the qualities of the unusual, the distortion, the breaking of rules, the defiance of authority, the characteristics of rebellion, the burst of inventions, the concept of flight, altruism and higher mind consciousness.

We can see that we now have many of those characteristics of Aquarius such as the use of electricity, the existence of movies, Olympics, products, advertisements and the creation of space crafts.

The sign of man pouring water signify that humans will be less egoistic and the mindset will move more towards service to others rather than service to self. As man progress further and further into the Aquarian Age, humanity will understand more of its place among the stars and think more in a universal manner.

Lightworkers - At the Forefront of the New Age

"Mommy! Mommy! I'm afraid of the dark! Don't worry Sweety, the Lightworkers are here."

Lightworkers have put forth much information about the coming changes. The main purpose of the Lightworkers is to help raise the vibrational frequency of humanity and to expand and enlighten its collective consciousness. This is to facilitate the ascension process which is a part of the divine plan of the Creator.

If you have read most of the information here and are agreeably excited about it, chances are you have awakened and you can be called a Lightworker if you want to. This does not mean that you are obliged to do certain things. In fact, the truth has set you free. You have more freedom in this life than ever before. Lightworkers is simply just a label for people who have awakened to the truth about life on Earth and wish to assist with the change in any ways.

These are truly extraordinary times. Earth is splitting into two like a cell, applied in a planetary perspective. But it is not a purely physical transformation where everything simply separate and move.

Here is an example of how a cell split.

The splitting is multidimensional in nature and one of the two Earths will be in the fifth dimension. On 21st December 2012, Earth would have finished its ascension. Together with Lady Gaia, our dear Earth, many will be ascending with her.

Those who have awakened, expanded their awareness, raised their vibrational frequency and prepared their light body, will find it easier to move into the higher dimension. There are many Lightworkers now providing information on how to prepare for Ascension.

After the end of 2012, there will still be a period of time where people will still be able to ascend from the third dimensional Earth to the fifth. Life will go on and most people on Earth would know the truth of what had happened to humanity during all these times from official disclosures and publicity.

The Galactic Federation of Light in collaboration with us would have explained to us in details the nature of the changes and what we can do during this ascension process. All these will come after First Contact, which is the event that will happen soon after disclosure.

For more information about the changes that we are going through now, please watch the video 2012 Event Horizon by David Wilcock.


If we were to look at the different headings here separately by itself, for example the Mayan information, the movement of celestial bodies, the Photon Belt and the New Age etc without analyzing them together as a whole, it is easy to grow doubts because many of the information were not fully supported by government and mainstream science.

This is simply because they were controlled by the dark forces and they do not want you to be free of this prison planet which is this 3D Earth. Dark forces will do anything to prevent as many souls as possible from ascending to 5D Earth.

If we were to look at all the information here as a whole, there is little reason left to be skeptical. This is because it is with reasoning that I present you the truth and there are plenty of references here that points to this logical conclusion. If you think about it, why would people go to such an extent to fabricate such grand scheme of lies if seen as one?

Is it possible that all those Lightworkers out there are in cohort to fabricate a grand drama to humanity? That seems rather ridiculous and illogical.

In fact, this should be seen as the other way round. The reason why there are so many Lightworkers out there is because many people have awakened to the truth and they know them to be the truth.

More and more people are awakening each day as the veil that cover us, which is a part of this planetary school, can no longer hold and are lifted as the light from heaven shine down on us and awaken us from our slumber, making us remember the spiritual aspect of ourselves, that we are in fact a part of God. We are supreme beings with unlimited power and that we originally live the life of universal truth, which is love and compassion.

In a way of looking at it, the light from the photon belt is indeed the light from heaven that is shining down to transmute darkness and to bring those that desire back to the light. In the perspective of heaven, it is like a great harvest of the souls similar to the harvest season (remember the cycles) that occurs every now and then.

There are people who chuck this information aside, do not think out of the box, do not want to know about their spirituality and continue to be attached to materialism. They are those who are not ready to ascend. It is not seen as good or bad here, which normally will be the case in a dualism perspective, but that these souls simply require more experience in the physical world to mold and to learn before they are ready to ascend.

In the perspective of Christianity, the ascension process is akin to the Second Coming of Christ. Where the return of the Messiah is not a return of a single entity, but in which humanity at long last is given the opportunity to easily embrace and experience the Christ Consciousness just like Jesus experienced.

The Christ Consciousness is not in strict reference to the religion of Christianity per se, it is also known to be referred to as the Cosmic Consciousness, the God Consciousness or the Higher Consciousness.

Most religions were corrupted and used by the dark forces to control the masses and also to create conflicts and war against one another for example in the Crusade, the Jihad, and terrorism. However religions do have their roots that are originated from the truth. For example, in Buddhism, there is the concept of Buddha nature. In Christianity, there is God. In Hinduism, there is Brahman. In the Islamic religion, there is Allah. All are actually referring to this One Universal Mind, the Cosmic Consciousness that pervades in all things and which many names have been created to refer to it.

Does the One Universal Mind partake in these exciting times of change?


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