Atrocities and Crimes
against Humanity



  • Be informed of the evils that are done against humanity.

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Atrocities and Crimes against Humanity

The Reptilians have come to rely on us for almost every aspect of their needs. Due to the changing times and from the assistance of the forces of light to set us free, the Reptilians are desperately tightening their control over us and are making their final struggle to fight for planet Earth.

There are dark agents going around on the internet spreading misinformation, confusion and to mislead people. Many can be found in the comment section of You Tube videos. They simply want to create doubts to information that are exposing the atrocities committed by the Illuminati.

Dark forces also have organizations all over the world that specifically discredit the work of others that does not fit into their agenda.

You need to see through it and understand the truth. It is time to WAKE UP.

Atrocities committed by the Illuminati:


Here is a link to the hour and a half long full length video on the chemtrails.

Water Poisoning

Check out this article. Water in major cities of United States poisoned.

HAARP - Weather Control Technology and Weapon

Check out the mass animal deaths that occurred.

The Dark Cabals are the ones who started most of the wars which include ancient wars, world war one and two, the cold war, Vietnam war, war on terrorism, the war in Afghanistan, Iraq war, harassing and provoking North Korea to fight a war etc. I will elaborate briefly on a few of these wars later.

The Reptilians benefitted the most from acts of wars and it applies on the 4th dimension as well because those that are there also feed on the negative energy emitted from our emotions as a result of wars. The Reptilians also have plenty of opportunity to benefit and profit from human bodies that are obtained in the midst of chaos created by wars.

Most epidemics including the Black Death of the past as well as AIDS and many other diseases such as Swine Flu are related to the dark forces.

9-11 was orchestrated by the Illuminati to direct American anger to fabricated Middle East enemies so that this will draw support for Middle East invasion. This is another example of their problem reaction solution tactic.

The Reptilians bombed the moon in late 2009 saying they are looking for evidence of water. They are actually bombing the bases that belong to the Galactic Federation of Light. This resulted in a slight change in orbit of the moon that causes extreme seasonal and weather conditions on Earth.

The 2010 gulf oil spill incident was created by the Illuminati to disrupt life, to spread negativity, to lower the vibrational frequency of Earth and also to profit from the cleaning up.

Manipulation in our Society

They have controlled the directions of all areas of industries such as in the field of medicine, education, entertainment etc.

In the medical field, they discourage the use of more proper system of healing such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine because such methods involve us getting in touch with the more spiritual aspect of ourselves. The illuminati do not want us to be spiritual. They also do what they can to keep humans in ill health so that they can make plenty of money through the medical industry.

The FDA is corrupted and pharmaceutical companies are used to promote drugs that are actually bad for our health. Examples are anti-depressants. Dr. Peter R. Breggin wrote a few books including one titled the anti-depressant fact book, where he identified the harm of using such drugs and why anti-depressants are simply not beneficial to people.

Finally, people are beginning to realize the harmful effects of anti-depressants.

The education systems and society were molded to rely heavily on left-brain thinking such as rewarding people who have background in science and mathematics and discouraging right-brain subjects such as art and music. This is because the creative aspect of right brain thinking is more attune to our spiritual nature.

They corrupt spiritual truth by creating and editing religious writing and associating holy symbols with evil.

They also influence our culture through all forms of media by promoting violence and casual sex. Casual sex is encouraged openly because in some ways, sexual energy will be generated and collected in the astral realm where they are being used by entities for their own agenda.

They glorify the investing, trading and hedging industry and at the same time orchestrate economic depression. This is how they make your money, your energy, in one fell swoop.

They make you think that global warming is created by man, due to greenhouse gas theory. This is not at all the case. I will talk more about this in a later section.


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