The Bilderbergs

In the past, not many people know of the Bilderbergs and the meetings that they had in parts of the world. This is because they would as much as possible hold their meetings in secrecy.

However, they have a problem with keeping their meetings in absolute secrecy because high profile people are involved. The Bilderberg participants usually involve those in the field of politics, banking, business, military and news media.

Despite that they are unable to keep the venue and date of their meetings in secrecy, only the participants will know the details and agenda of the meetings as they do not allow media coverage inside the meetings.

The Bilderberg meetings were able to be maintained at such a low profile was because they have the control and power of influence over the media.

However, in recent times, the meetings of this secret society are getting more known to the people. This is because in light of the financial crisis and all the problems that we had and still have, people are beginning to ask questions as to what kind of agenda these influential people have and are discussing behind closed doors.

The idea is this. High profile people are willing to participate in this invitation only secret function on a regular basis and are not afraid of being found out and ridiculed. This only shows the power of those calling the shots.

If what they are doing is for the good of the people, what do they have to hide? Why the secrecy?

The Bilderbergs, also known as the Bilderbergers, are one of the several organizations that are part of the hierarchy of the Illuminati. These influential people come together to make policies and to work on their agenda.

There are many investigators and experts on the Bilderbergs / Bilderbergers. However, they are often labeled as conspiracy theorists and are unfairly discredited. We should know by now that most of these conspiracy theorists are actually telling us the truth.

Please see New World Order in the awakening course for more information about the Illuminati and the crimes against humanity.

Here are some videos pertaining to the Bilderbergs / Bilderbergers.

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