A controlled society,
Truth behind our Social Mechanism



  • We need to step back to a global perspective and look at the truth behind the workings of our modern society as a whole.

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Here, we shall begin our exciting journey of discoveries.

A Controlled Society, akin to Herds of Cattle being Led

We need to acknowledge that there are many questions in life that need answers. We cannot ignore these questions anymore by being busy with daily routine. Our preoccupation with material wealth in modern society was set up intentionally so that we overlook what is important in our life, which are things that are more spiritual in nature.

Our modern society was molded to convince us the idea of holding money in high regards. Compare it to the way of life of the past, where community was the key theme to life. Everyone knows one another in the community. It is like one big family. Everyone works to contribute to the community.

Modern City Modern City

City life now is very different. Many work from morning to night, with little time for personal growth. Many people have very little time for themselves. Usually after work, they are so tired that they are unmotivated to do anything else.

The next thing I am going to talk about will be a bit blunt. Please pardon me if it sounds harsh. It is meant to address modern society in general.

Imagine you are relaxing, sitting peacefully and calmly. Around you are the sight, smell and sound of an environment that can be described to be a waterfall, not a big one, but one in which you feel blissful. Imagine yourself contemplating matters of life.

Have you ever wonder what life is truly all about? What exactly is the purpose of life? You may say to find happiness. But how do you define "happiness"? If you live in the city, you may think that happiness comes when you made lots of money and be able to do what you want with them.

But how many of us as years go by, are truly contented with the amount of money we made? For many of us, it seems hard for us to be contented. We go on a never ending pursue for money and for many of us, each time we made some, we spent them freely on material things like new apartment and cars or to spent them on enjoyment such as holidays.

After a while, the happiness we thought we obtained "ran out" and we go about making more money to bring about more happiness. We upgrade our apartments, buy a more branded car, spent on expensive meals, travel to new places etc.

The cycle repeats and in a blink of an eye, a few years went by and we find ourselves getting old and still pursuing happiness. It's like a donkey with a carrot on a string in front of it. Is there all there is to life?

The newly accumulated wealth also made us look good. As together with purchasing power, it also brought us status. For those who understood the concept of money making money, they invested their money and look forward to the time when their wealth will multiply many folds.

As for them, many felt their heart broke when the economy collapsed all of the sudden as they realize they just lost part of their investments. Are the economic recessions really due to some unknown flaws in the economy? Or could there be some kind of conspiracy or agenda behind the scene?

There are those who made it and are the success stories known to many. These are the millionaires and billionaires that made the headlines in the media and served as role models to many.

But how many people can truly become like them? How long will it take you to become as wealthy and as famous as them? It seems to put making money as a top priority has become a natural tendency for us. After all, how many people are there who do not want to be successful and live a life of luxury?

Perhaps a more suitable priority for us and in which many people do adopt is to work for the benefit of other people, to help other people and to contribute to this world with whatever talent we have or in whatever area we are interested in. Money should be seen as secondary.

Other than the never ending chase for wealth, there is another problem. We are always working on becoming what other people or society expects us to be, instead of finding out and doing what we really wanted to do.

Since early childhood, we were educated to fit into the different roles in society be it doctors, lawyers, engineers, bankers or accountants. If our education system is serving our needs, why are there so many people, after they are well into their careers ended up with mid-career crisis?

Why after putting in so much into the career they started, felt lost and empty out of the blue? Why do they feel what they're doing is not what they really wanted?

Why is the way our society works, causing so much anguish and anxiety?

Is capitalism running the way it should be? Don't you think there is something wrong with the way society works?

In developed nations, there are increasing cases of divorce and many marriages are not feeling the happiness that one would expect to have. There are also increasing cases of insomnia and depression.

In the world, the poor are getting poorer. The rich are getting richer and not much is seen by the rich to alleviate the suffering of the poor. They often blame the poor saying they are not hard working enough. Is that really the case? Or could there be manipulation with the mechanism of our economy. Is our economy running the way you think it is? Is there really no one or small groups of people controlling our world economy? Is it really that impossible?

As you can see, at the time of writing this, we have identified that money rules our world. Our society depicts that it is not talents that matters in the scheme of things. It is how much money we make and the amount of wealth we have that matters. That is how you get recognized and that is why money is so powerful. That is also why people endlessly chase after money.

There are probably more illustrations that can be used to indicate the flaws that are present in our way of life before the coming of the inevitable changes.

I would like to indicate to you the truth that our social mechanism has been insidiously molded by dark forces for a long time as they have a dark agenda and that is control of the world. They intend to do it with wealth, with corporations, with huge multinational banks, with the New World Order, with technology. You will need to read on to understand better.

Is it wise to put money on top of everything else in our life? Is there a way out of this? Could it be possible that our society be transformed to one where everyone one of us need not worry about money?

Where all our material needs are easily met and where our survival needs is no longer a concern?

Where we are free to do what we felt like doing?

Where we contribute to the community in any way we want?

Where our welfare is no longer dependent on the economy?

As you read on, we shall attempt to find the answers to these questions.


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