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  • Begin to have a deeper understanding and belief on Courtney Brown's two books, Cosmic Voyage and Cosmic Explorer.

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Looking at What Seems to be Out of this World

Looking back on the subjects mentioned in Courtney Brown's two books, Cosmic Voyage and Cosmic Explorer, remote viewing allows us to see what we conventionally cannot. It is an ability that has been proven to work during its research at the Stanford Research Institute by Ingo Swann, Harold E. Puthoff and Russell Targ. There are already many events and cases in the public with unknown or uncertain causes that are being solved using remote viewing.

It is therefore not surprising that we will use this ability to look at other planets in the universe, to encounter other life forms and other wonders that are truly amazing.

The Greys

One of the aliens that we call the Greys are so deeply embedded in our culture that you can find themes of them being used in commercial products. If we think of this matter objectively, the small Greys are the way they look, short, grey in color with big head and big eyes and a slender body because people have depicted them as such. They are depicted as such not because people imagined them to be that way but because many people have really seen them.

In his books, Courtney had used remote viewing to find out more about the Greys as well as to attempt to unravel their agenda. It seems the Greys do have business with us humans and learning about the Greys can help us understand more about ourselves in terms of the growth and progress of a civilization.

It is important to note that almost all the Greys that people have encountered so far on Earth serve the Orion Empire and that they themselves are victims of the Orion Empire conquest and wish to be free from such enslavement.

The Reptilians

The aliens known as the Reptilians were introduced in Courtney's second book Cosmic Explorer. It seems there is a group of them that has malevolent agenda and they have the ability to cause some kind of war in subspace.

This group of Reptilians had activities on Earth including contacts with humans. They are hostile and secretive. It appears that they want Earth in some way and have been creating a hybrid that is both human and reptilian.


In his books, Courtney used the term subspace to define another plane of reality where there are other living entities. Perhaps that is the place where spirits dwell and which we call the spirit realm. It is not hard to believe that spirits exist when the literature in human culture is full of them.

You can further your belief in the existence of spirits and higher beings by reading the Urantia Book which reveals information about Earth given to us from higher beings. You will be amazed by the information presented in the book.

Multiple Timelines

The existence of multiple timelines is a concept that is hard to grasp and perhaps one can only truly understand it if one has attained the ability to experience multidimensional reality.

However, multiple timelines have been mentioned in scientific work and in other information that is sourced from higher beings and as such, this is another example that there is validity in Courtney's book.

The understanding of infinite multiple timelines is very important, for this is the concept of how our reality works. Everyone has an infinite variation of reality of themselves in an infinite number of timelines, also known as parallel universes that are occurring simultaneously.

Those who have awakened to the truth and are ready for such information might want to explore this area. For more information on multiple timelines, please check out Hugh Everett's many-worlds interpretation (MWI).

Note that the discussion on multiple timelines can also be related to the idea on the possibility of time travel.

Highly Evolved Beings

Sometimes we wonder where people who are highly spiritual such as Buddha, Jesus and Guru Dev go to after they left our physical dimension. Well, we have some answers in Courtney's book. It appears they are still around in the higher dimensions. There are other independent sources to support this claim which I will talk about in later sections.


In Cosmic Voyage, Courtney made a good description of God. God is not one single entity but is everything and is sentient. God experiences joy by creating all forms of life from his own substance and living life by experiencing them everywhere. Love is the dominant theme for all higher beings and evolution is the main purpose of life. I will discuss more about this topic in a later section.

The Galactic Federation of Light

The Galactic Federation of Light is a confederation that is made up of many star nations. If you think that there are other sentient species in our universe, and that they are very highly technologically advanced or highly advanced in terms of the development of their civilization, it is no surprise that they will form a Galactic Federation just like the United Nation that we have on Earth. Thinking that other galactic species are millions or even billions of years old, I wouldn't be surprise that they are highly spiritual too. There is so much we can learn from them.

If the Galactic Federation of Light exists, do you think we would have been noticed by them? Are they currently watching over us like an elder to the young? In Courtney's book, it appears that the Galactic Federation is influencing our culture by seeding knowledge to us from the inside. That means they don't appear right in front of us, but by getting the work and knowledge out through people.

It is interesting to know that in the book, Courtney identified Buddha as the head of the Galactic Federation of Light. Jesus too seems to be a part of it as well. This gives us the notion that spirituality and extraterrestrials can be linked together. We can think of it this way, there are many star nations in our galaxy which are highly spiritual. They come together to form the Galactic Federation of Light so as to carry out the will of heaven or God for the greater good and to establish peace.

Courtney mentioned that after he listened to the Monroe tape, he was guided by a luminous being to learn remote viewing. Perhaps it is part of the divine plan for Courtney to have written his books and it is an example of how the Galactic Federation influences our culture.

If you haven't read Courtney's book, it is interesting to know that the ideas on Star Trek was seeded by beings of light from another dimension. Who knows what are the extents of influence the Galactic Federation of Light have on us? Perhaps we should have a closer look at the ideas and values the Star Trek series is giving us.

When you think of it all, the idea of the Galactic Federation of Light and extraterrestrials seem very much like science fiction which you can find on television shows or in the movies. But if you were to think further, what if there is truth to the elements of science fiction? What if the ideas on many aspects of science fiction too were seeded to producers and writers by higher beings so that we are more prepared to perceive them and face them when the time to learn about the truth comes?

Perhaps such works are categorized as science fiction and not non-fiction because that is the only way for them to be acceptable and to be absorbed by the masses. This also allows creativity to be incorporated to present the work in a more entertaining manner. Somehow I am reminded of the book "A Journey to the Center of the Earth" by Jules Verne and the story of "Harry Potter" by J.K. Rowling.

I will discuss more about the influences from the Galactic Federation in a latter section.


In my earlier discussion, I showed you that there are life forms on Mars. Courtney's books which were published in 1996 and 1999 contain remote viewing data of Martians and their civilization. It appears that something catastrophic happened on Mars and the Martians are not doing very well.

From the years that Courtney's books were published until now, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that there is life on Mars. Evidence of Martian civilization is being gathered and there is photographic evidence to suggest its existence.

NASA had denied the existence of extraterrestrials and there are many cases of NASA doing cover ups of evidence that suggest the existence of extraterrestrials including editing photos of structures and life found on photos of Mars taken by probes.

Here is an anomaly found on Mars that shows the work of intelligent design.

Mars Anomaly Mars Anomaly

Courtney also mentioned that Martians are now here on Earth. One place that Courtney knows where the Martians reside is in the underground of Santa Fe New Mexico. This claim will be hard for me to provide support other than the occasional sightings that were reported by people there.


We can see that the two books Cosmic Voyage and Cosmic Explorer provide interesting new insights to our reality. Such information is part of the new paradigm. All that are presented to you here in this section are very much interrelated and support the existence of one another.

For example if you believe in the existence of highly spiritual beings such as Buddha, Jesus or Guru Dev mentioned in Courtney's books, you will believe that they go to somewhere better such as "Heaven" after their life on Earth. This would suggest that realities other than our current physical form exist and this can be referred to as other kinds of dimensions.

The existence of such dimensions or realities would suggest the possibility that a dimension in which Courtney refer to as subspace can exist.

In fact, this subspace sounds very much like the spirit world which the shamans of indigenous people always talk about.

If highly spiritual entities can exist together in a reality that is other than our dimension of physical form, this suggest the possibility of the existence of an alliance made up of different groups of highly spiritual entities which is referred to as the Galactic Federation of Light by Courtney.

If the Galactic Federation of Light exists, this would suggest the possibility that other groups of entities with various level of spiritual development, which might have understood and might have access to multiple dimensions and are not part of the Galactic Federation of Light, exist.

If this other groups exist, then they are simply extraterrestrials or what we call aliens. The existence of the various groups of extraterrestrials mentioned by Courtney makes sense. In the least, who can prove that extraterrestrials do not exist?

In Courtney's books, it seems possible for entities to influence other dimensions that are different from the dimension that they are in. This also means that it is possible for entities of the light or the dark to influence our plane of existence one way or the other. In later sections, we shall come across a few such instances of influence.

You might not believe in what was written by Courtney in his books, as was expected if you are not yet awakened. It was the purpose of this course to show you information from other independent sources that will help you draw reasonable conclusion to the validity of Courtney's work as you read on.

It is mentioned in Cosmic Explorer that the Reptilians have a kind of dark agenda for Earth. This is very intriguing and causes much curiosity. How influential do you think this group of Reptilians have on us?


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