New Age of Aquarius:
Dark Forces



  • To understand the fact that the physical world that we live in are very much being influenced by negative ETs who are part of the dark forces.

  • To begin to look at findings by other people about this group of negative ETs.

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The Dark Forces

Ever since recorded history and in the literature of humanity, we always encounter the expression of the forces of light versus the forces of darkness. This is especially so in mythologies, tales, stories and in the entertainment industry.

This seems coincidentally similar to the concept of polarity, duality or dualism. When we look at the world we live in, there do not appear to be an enemy in which we can refer to as from darkness. But is that really the case?

In the Sun Tzu Art of War, it says know yourself, know your enemy and a hundred battles fought and you shall have a hundred victories. It also states that all warfare is based on deception. It makes sense in a way for example if you are able to deceive the enemy or keep the enemy in the dark, the enemy will not be able to know your true strength, weakness or agenda and therefore unable to create a plan of action to deal with you.

Now, I am not encouraging you to go to war by being violent, but to bring across to you the profound philosophy which is inherent in the Art of War which still applies to us, in a world where war is rampant.

Here are some questions for reflection.

  • What if this advance tactic of warfare has been applied on us?

  • What if these dark forces are so smart that you thought they do not even exist?

  • What if the deceptions applied to us are so well crafted and insidious that most of us are simply not aware of it?

  • What if there exist an ultimate agenda of total control of the world by dark forces?

  • Did you think such possibilities are impossible, where is the proof?

  • Why would the dark forces let you know that they want to control you?

The situation is akin to the parable of the frog where if you put a frog immediately into a pot of boiling water, it will jump out. But if you put a frog into a pot of water and slowly cook the water, the frog will remain unaware until it realized it has been cooked.

It is time for us to stop being ignorant and wake up to the truth about our reality.

In recent times, more and more people are becoming aware about the truth of the life that we live in.

In a higher perspective, we are living in a reality that is only an illusion. For now, it is difficult to understand the higher perspective, so let's just understand what this truth is all about.

With the help from the forces of light and due to the nature of the changing times, more people are becoming aware about the truth of life. This is related to the prophecy of the Mayan Calendar.

People are becoming more spiritual and are beginning to understand more about the existence of other dimensions and the truth that we are in fact multi-dimensional beings.

Plenty of information comes from channeling, a way in which the forces of light can communicate and influence us and also from higher beings that had incarnated here on Earth. I will talk more about channeling and the forces of light in a later section.

Let's get straight to the point now. Deception involves two parties, the deceiver and the deceived. Humans are the deceived so who are the deceiver?

These are the extraterrestrials that serve the Orion Empire and the Reptoid Federation such as the tall Orion Greys, the Reptilians and the small Greys known as the Zeta Reticuli.

Other than Courtney Brown, the existence of the Reptilians and their activities were reported by other people such as:

  • David Icke,
  • Alex Collier,
  • Barbara Hand Clow,
  • Stewart Swerdlow,
  • Cathy O'Brien,
  • Arizona Wilder,
  • Patrick H. Bellringer,
  • Credo Mutwa,
  • as well as many other people.

There are also other sources of information from the forces of light that mentioned the existence of the Reptilians.

Author and Lecturer David Icke have the most information about the Reptilians. If you want to better understand the dark forces, please read these books titled "The Biggest Secret" and "The Children of the Matrix" by David Icke.

You can read the book The Biggest Secret for FREE here. Please wait a while for the PDF to load.

Alternatively, you can read it here.

You can download the book The Children of the Matrix in PDF format for FREE here. Just click "download now" and "download file now" after the count down.

In order to prevent ourselves from being deceived, we need to understand who and what we are dealing with so that we know the kinds of decision we can make to set ourselves free.

It is not my work to bring to you detailed information about the dark forces. Therefore I will only illustrate to you some of this information that I have learned from my trusted sources and also express briefly to you some of my opinions.

For detailed information about the Reptilians and their activities, please research the work of David Icke. Beware of dark agents discrediting any information that has been brought to the public pertaining to the Reptilians. These dark agents are desperate and are very noisy.

Major players in our Galaxy

From what I have learned, there are 3 major groups in our galaxy. They are the Galactic Federation of Light, the Orion Empire and the Reptoid Federation. The Reptoid Federation, also known as the Draconian Federation is made up of different groups of Reptoids that look like dragons and reptiles and these different groups consist of various sub races of the original Draconians. The Reptilians are one of these groups.

The Orion Empire is made up of conquered systems and is ruled by one entity similar to what we see in Star Wars. Our manipulators, the Reptilians, the tall Greys and the small Greys also known as the Zeta Reticuli, serve the agenda of the Orion Empire and it is intended for Earth to be annexed into this Empire. The Draconians are in alliance with the Orion Empire.

The Galactic Federation of Light, which is also related to the Intergalactic Confederation, is an alliance of highly spiritual beings of different star systems. They are mainly human types and I shall discuss more about them in a later section.

The Reptilians

Some Reptilians were named the Annunaki by the Sumerian long time ago and the Reptilians were involved in the affairs of Earth way before that. The humanoids on Earth have a long story. In general, humans have been genetically altered by many different extraterrestrials culture including the Reptilians.

The Reptilians enjoy creating lesser life form and use them as a form of natural resources. That is how they created humans on Earth, by genetic engineering. They initially created humans to help them with labors such as mining.

It is the genetic alteration by the Sirians that make humans what we are today. That is having the potential to eventually exceed the intelligence of the Reptilians and the Greys, to have a wide span of emotions, the spiritual capability to be near Creator God, the All That Is or Infinite Oneness and even the capability to create things by thoughts just like how a creator is meant to be.

What we know about the Reptilians is that they are generally negative in nature, are spiritually bankrupt, lack compassion and are aggressive warriors. However, they also can be seen as the majestic and regal creatures that they are in the form of dragons that is so often depicted in the media, fiction and arts.

Note that not every single Reptilian in existence serves dark purposes. Just like humans, there are good and bad Reptilians and we can always talk about a species in general terms. There are Reptilians who serve the light.

Those that manipulate us serve dark satanic forces where it is known that line of communication is established through summoning demons during satanic rituals or by other means when they are in the lower 4th dimension. In general, I will be mainly referring to this group of dark Reptilians.

Know that this group of Reptilians, like most other extraterrestrials, has technology that is much more advanced than us.

Let's find out more about the nature of this group of Reptilians.


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