Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)



  • This is a very important area where science meets spirituality. There is no more reason for people to say that there is no such thing as spirituality.

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Psychedelics and Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)

There are many ways to induce out of body experience which then allows one to astral travel. One of the ways is to consume psychedelic food made from ingredients found in the wilderness. Examples are Ayahuasca and the psilocybin mushrooms used by indigenous cultures for many years to work with the spirit world.

Terence McKenna spent most of his life studying such plants and in his book, Food of the Gods, he is able to relate the consumption of psychedelic food with human evolution which in current times, is strongly supported by many areas of knowledge that involve consciousness, altered state of consciousness, and spirituality.

For example, if we communicate with spirits or angelic beings, they will be able to tell us more about ourselves, the truth of our reality and how to live more harmoniously with nature. As such, the consciousness of humanity as a whole will expand and our evolution will accelerate rapidly. To be frank, this is a situation that is already happening explosively.

The substance found in psychedelic plants that causes altered states of consciousness is the compound N,N-Dimethyltryptamine which is also known as DMT. In recent times, DMT has gained popularity with the masses on its ability to create psychic experiences. Research in this area has been conducted by Dr. Rick Strassman and he has presented his work in DVD and book format which both includes the title The Spirit Molecule.

In the book, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Dr. Rick Strassman talks about DMT in more details and he described his personal experience and research to explain the relation between DMT and spirituality. Below is a teaser of the DVD, I hope you enjoy it.

Many westerners as well as people from around the world have visited indigenous people to learn about their way of life and most importantly how they get in touch with spirits. A man who had visited the Amazonian indigenous people is Graham Hancock. In order to experience what the Shamans of the tribe experienced when they visited the spirit world, Graham drank the brew of the natives, Ayahuasca, which eventually triggered an altered state of consciousness and out of body experience.

In the spirit world, he had encountered many spirits with half human and half animal features, similar to those cave arts drawn thousands of years ago. The most spectacular encounter he had was with a blue angelic being, sometimes appearing as a woman, sometimes in a form of part human and part animal. Graham sensed he was tasked by the angelic being to help spread a message, in the form of a story which Graham wrote in his book titled "Entangled".

It is a story of light versus darkness, of two women from different time working together to prevent the work of a Demon.


People have called Emanuel Swedenborg the father of astral projection. The talented Swedish was the Leonardo Da Vinci of his time. There were several accounts of him that described his use of psychic abilities. One was his ability to know the happenings of a certain location despite that he was far away from it. The other was his ability to communicate with spirits.

What were more important about this man were his travels by means of astral projection. He had learned so much from angelic beings and spirits from other dimensions that he wrote many volumes to account for it. Today, there are several books written by authors that are based on his work.

There are many other ways to allow you to learn astral travel. In the past, people who learned about the existence of astral travel from spiritual places such as a monastery will have to meditate for years before they are able to astral travel.

Presently, due to the special moment in this particular time on Earth, our capacity for spiritual growth has multiplied many folds and what took many years to accomplish in the past will take only a short period of time now. Therefore, it may take only a while to learn to astral travel by means of meditation. This is truly an ideal time for us to work on our spiritual progress.

Other means of learning astral travel would be from the use of technology and methods such as binaural beat from the Monroe Institute or the Silva methods and techniques. There are other ways of inducing ESP and psychic experiences such as by the use of sacred sounds. But that is another kind of topic.

The most influential and perhaps most well known psychic in the west is Edgar Cayce. He is a great prophet who had also helped many people with healing. He is known to have the abilities of astral projection and he can read auras. When helping a client with questions, Edgar Cayce had the ability to enter into a state of trance which allows his subconscious or unconscious personality to assist answering the questions.

It is said that his subconscious personality have the answers to questions which his conscious mind do not and that after the trance, Edgar usually do not remember what was said during the session. Today, this kind of ability is a form of "channeling" and it is a very important topic which I will cover in a later section.

Edgar Cayce founded an organization called The Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E) also known as Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. His teachings are similar to new age ideas and perhaps he was the one who started the new age movement. There are currently many books written about him and his teachings.

I noted something identical about prominent psychics such as Edgar Cayce, Emanuel Swedenborg and our beloved Sathya Sai Baba. They do astral travel. Perhaps they too have teachings that are similar. If they are learning from beings from other dimensions, it makes sense that what these psychics are telling us about life and the universe is the truth.

In this whole section, I have mentioned the more common forms of psychic abilities and stated examples of real people, either passed over or still present who have used their psychic abilities one way or another.

To have given many examples, I have no doubt given you proof that psychics do exist and that psychic phenomenon in our reality is indeed very real. If you look around on the internet, there are many psychics out there offering their services.

Beware of the possibilities that some are cheats and perhaps a few are associated with dark forces that have agendas to discredit or spread misinformation.

We have now come to the crucial point. The next thing I am going to talk about is a very important area that will assist you in your awakening.

There is a form of psychic ability that I have yet to mention as I was saving it for our next topic. It is called "remote viewing".


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