• To know that dark forces are behind many of the mysteries in the past.

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Mysteries Explained

Human Sacrifice

The various cultures of Mesoamerica in the past practiced cruel human sacrifices because they were being influenced by negative ETs.

The priests of those times see ETs as gods and they helped implemented the human sacrifices where the negative ETs will extract certain parts of the body or head, collect the blood from the body and use or sell them. Humans were simply used like cattle by these negative ETs.

Mutilation of Humans and Animals

There have been many cases of mutilated corpses of both humans and animals being found. The strange findings on the autopsy include the rather clean removal of internal organs, the precise removal of certain body parts such as skin, and the apparently complete removal of all the blood in the body.

These mutilations strongly suggest the involvement of extraterrestrials and indeed they are done by the dark forces for their various experimentations that involve genetic engineering and DNA.

In order to divert the attention of humans into concluding that the mutilation is the work of some secret organization and in order to prevent interference with their work, they set up a decoy, the Chupacabra.


The Chupacabra is a type of monster that sucks its victim dry of blood. Its name means "Goat Sucker" in Spanish and was named as such because this monster's favorite victim appears to be goats. Its victims usually carries only puncture marks with almost no trace of blood left in the body.

Many people have witnessed this monster around the America region such as Puerto Rico and Mexico and there were much controversy about it. It has even been depicted in movies.

It is known that this monster was created using technology similar to that used in the Montauk project and its purpose was simply a decoy to divert the attention of humans away from those behind the corpse mutilation.


The Mothman described by John Keel in his book is actually an extraterrestrial from the constellation of Draco. It is related to the Reptilians and is part of the ruling class that rules the Reptoids in the Draco constellation.

John F. Kennedy

The book "Final Judgement" by Michael Collins Piper says very much about what went on behind the scene. It is known that President John F. Kennedy was about to make a move against the Federal Reserve and that resulted in his assassination.

You can read the book "Final Judgement" by Michael Collins Piper for free here. Please wait for the pdf to load.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana is a majestic and loving being who had been looked upon as a role model by many and her death has indeed been mourned by many.

There appears to be more to her death and indeed there is. Princess Diana had come to know of the true identity of those Royalties and that is one of the reasons that contributed to her assassination.

From Arizona Wilder, Princess Diana was destined to be part of a ritual sacrifice.

The way that Princess Diana died is similar to that of the Lesotho King. This appears to be more than just a coincidence. Princess Diana was assassinated.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is a great soul of light and had helped much to shift the consciousness of the planet with his music and by being a role model. He is a model that is different from other entertainers, he is one that presented us the traits of loving kindness and he expresses himself with characteristics of innocence and in a childlike manner.

He have acquired information pertaining to certain factions that have power and control which he felt strongly about and he planned to reveal information pertaining to these groups as well as information that has to do with the United States during his tour. Thus, there was a plot to kill him and he was assassinated. His doctor was truly innocent.

War on Terrorism

9-11 was an inside job.

There are so many findings by people about this. 9-11 was simply fabricated to further the agenda of the Dark Cabals.

Whistleblower Aaron McCollum had revealed to us that many of those supposedly terrorist activities were actually false flags.

War in Afghanistan

The real reason behind the war in Afghanistan was to build an oil pipeline to move the oil in that region.

Iraq War

The real agenda behind the war in Iraq is to secure star gate technology and powerful weapons left behind by other extraterrestrials. Fortunately the weapons were inaccessible due to inter-dimensional problems and there are specific requirements for accessibility.

Iraq is the site of ancient Sumerian civilization and the Sumerian civilization was created by the previous extraterrestrials that were there to rule them.

The science fiction movie Stargate, released in 1994 directed by Roland Emmerich, portrayed some truth pertaining to star gate.

The movie Green Zone shown in 2010 very much tell us that there are people who know the truth of there being no valid reason for invading Iraq. There are no weapons of mass destruction. It is all a setup.

Instigating War with North Korea

Why did North Korea deny the sinking of the South Korean navy ship? This is because they really never do it. This is the most basic tactic used by the Illuminati to provoke a war. This incident happened out of the sudden. It shows how desperate these dark forces are to want a war. There was much that went on behind the scene during that period of tension.

Planned Agenda

The Illuminati initial plan was to use mass implants of chips to facilitate their world domination. However, the population is too huge and this process that requires abducting the victim or tricking the populace to willingly accept the implants had become too laborious. Many of these chips that were implanted had also become ineffective due to physiological reasons.

They came up with a more effective plan and that is by control using advanced nanotechnology through mass inoculation. We have seen their attempt through the swine flu vaccination scenario however they failed to meet their quota due to actions by the Galactic Federation forces, thanks to them.

It appears it has become too late for the Illuminati to present another inoculation scenario because they are now being attacked on all fronts by the forces of light to expose them.

The Dark Cabals are very opportunistic. They can twist situations to serve their own agenda. For example a harmless hurricane out at sea can be made severe and directed inland to wreck destruction using weather control technology.

Knowing the changes that are to come and that the forces of light are now on Earth's vicinity preparing for first contact, the Dark Cabals planned various scenarios using this opportunity to manipulate the people's fear and hope and to spread confusion amidst time of suffering around the world.

One such scenario is project blue beam, a planned scenario which has been leaked and become known by many people. What will happen in this scenario is that holographic and other advanced technology will be used to beam images of ascended masters or ships from the Galactic Federation.

They will then announce that the savior of the world has come using technology in different languages. A fake first contact will be staged stating they are from the Galactic Federation. They will then propose that there will be an off world alien invasion, uniting all nations under one umbrella.

However, it seems such a scenario planned so long ago will be unlikely to happen. The Galactic Federation forces would have compromised most of the various factors required for the Dark Cabals to implement this scenario successfully.

The thing you have to know is that negative ETs are already among us and that those frequent UFOs you see in the sky these days are from the Galactic Federation. They want us to know that they come in peace and that we should not be afraid of them. Sometimes they make their appearance in the sky entertaining us with formations and lights.

It is to my belief that first contact will only come after there is a major overhaul in the political structure in many of the countries especially in the Unites States and Europe and that the Dark Cabals would have been identified, exposed and removed from power.

There will be no alien invasion. The negative ETs are already among us, struggling to retain their power when the allies of the Galactic Federation on Earth apply the pressure on them.


Many Lightworkers are working very hard to initiate an official disclosure to the public. A disclosure about the lies that we have been laid to believe, the deception and cover ups that has been perpetuated for a long time for the sake of control, the truth about the universe and also the truth about our history and origin.

We are certainly not alone in this universe and we should welcome the Galactic Federation of Light, our space brothers and sisters during this Space Age, this moment of time when humans of Earth passes the stage of infancy, to become a full fledge member with the Galactic Family.

Dr. Steven Greer is known to be leading one of such disclosure known as The Disclosure Project. More information on the Disclosure Project can be found here.


As an analogy, when a man is swimming in a sea full of sharks, the shark will not think "oh it's human we shouldn't eat it". The shark will naturally go for the meat. The same can be applied to the Reptilians.

Dark forces which are at the other end of the polarity nature of the universe can also be termed as the fallen creations of God. In a way they have severed their link with the source and therefore in order to survive they are required to feed on the energy of those from the light.

They are what they are and therefore there is no need to be very fearful or instill a deep hatred of them. To fear them is to play into their hand. In the higher perspective of creation, people that have repeatedly reincarnated on this prison planet have gained so much experience and learned so much that it is seen as invaluable for soul evolution by many others throughout the galaxy.

Without the dark forces, there will be no growth, everything will stagnate and things will be taken for granted. In such a case, there will not be new things to learn because everything will be consistent.

Throughout a lifetime, many people experienced pain, suffering, depression and other kinds of negative emotions. These are caused by our lack of understanding on the true nature of reality and also by the structure of the different aspects of our environment, whereby on Earth, is shaped by dark forces.

Dark forces do not simply consist of entities from outer space, but which involves energy of a cosmic and malevolent nature that permeates throughout the lower dimensions. We should know that the physical dimension, the material plane, is one that are of a denser nature as compared to spirit and that the material plane is indeed one of the lower dimensions.

In general, people who have suffered negativity will be more open to accept the truth. They will begin to question their reality and look for answers to their pain. The more you are aware of evil, the more you want to be released from their grip and the more receptive you are to the truth and to the light.

These are special moments in time where it has become easier for us to see through the deception perpetrated throughout our society. With love, joy and courage in our hearts we should together resolve to free ourselves from the grips of the Dark Cabals and the old ways.

Know that after you have understood and have awakened to the truth on the existence of the dark forces and what they have done to mankind, it will be wiser to focus time working on your spiritual aspect rather than spending time dwelling further into the sea of information pertaining to the dark forces.

Now that we have a good understanding of the Dark Forces and the Reptilian Agenda, let's look at the opposite of evil, the one that we are most excited about, the Forces of Light!


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