Extrasensory Perception



  • To familiarize with the reality of extrasensory perception.

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Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

The second similarity I would like to mention is that these companies sell products that help people learn to develop ESP. In a more direct way of saying, these companies are teaching people to be psychic. If companies are openly teaching people to be psychic, it means that the ESP and psychic phenomena are very real.

Even though many of us are not psychic, we can't dismiss the fact that people with psychic abilities exist and that we too can learn to have psychic abilities.

The mind is extremely sophisticated. Perhaps only God and beings of higher dimensions, fully understand the capacity and capability of the human mind. If the human body can be conditioned and trained to perform a one inch punch or break a piece of metal with the head without injuries ( Ouch! ), or even produce electricity by using Chi, the mind too can be conditioned and trained to reach different states for different purposes and that we too can learn to develop extrasensory perception.

Some people say seeing is believing. I agree that it is hard to believe the existence of ESP when you do not see and experience them personally. Here are some short videos to show you that ESP is real.

Fake? Hoax? It seems very unlikely that all those innocent children you see in the videos will collaborate with the company to fabricate shows to mislead people. If you search midbrain activation on You Tube, you will find many more related videos.

Genius Mind Consultancy

The company that provides midbrain activation, Genius Mind Consultancy (GMC) which was founded in Malaysia, has made it possible to switch on the hidden potential of the mind in only two days and in this case, specifically for children. The process is a term called Midbrain Activation which integrates the use of the brain as a whole instead of using only the dominant hemisphere.

It seems to be easier to activate the middle brain of children than adults as the company only provides the program to children for now. The reason would most probably be due to the growing and developing phase of the children's brain as compared to adults.

It is still possible for adults to have their middle brain activated but it is believed to be more difficult due to the more rigid developed brain and also due to belief issues.

It is stated that a child with their middle brain activated will enhance their abilities in learning, concentration, memory, creativity, sports performance, emotional control and even better health.

Being able to see blindfolded is simply a sign that their middle brain has been activated. However, the ability to see blindfolded or in the dark requires consistent practice just like any other psychic abilities.

GMC has taken their services to many countries such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore and even Australia. Despite there being much controversy to the genuineness of such services, as expected when dealing with ESP or psychic phenomena, many parents have testified for the company and its popularity is soaring.

Many children have undergone the activation process in Asia, not excluding Australia and this phenomenon is very real. These children, together with others of similar abilities around the world, will be what I call "The Children of the Future".

Bronnikov Method

The method of activating the brain which then gives us the ability to see blindfolded is not confined to Genius Mind Consultancy. One other organization, Bronnikov Center Moscow, also possesses extensive knowledge and experience in this area. Their product called the "Bronnikov Method" was invented by Vyacheslav M. Bronnikov. Below is a short documentary on this method.

If you look at the information on the Bronnikov Method website, it is a pleasant surprise to know that Vyacheslav M. Bronnikov is a psychic and was taught by a monk and that the founding theory of Bronnikov Method is based on ancient knowledge and advanced spiritual science.

Vyacheslav M. Bronnikov also mentioned about the existence of our subconscious mind and that in general, we only utilize a small percentage of our brain's capacity. In modern society, we have lost our harmony with one another and also with nature and by doing certain exercises and using certain methods, we can more optimally use our abilities and unlock functions in our body that are unknown to us such as the ability to see blindfolded.

It is apparent that we are living in a time when we not only become more aware of our potential as human beings, but also to unlock them and learn to incorporate their use into our daily life.

Now that we know our mind is capable of things that initially seem impossible, let's look in more details about these latent abilities that lay dormant inside us.


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