New Age of Aquarius:
The Forces of Light



  • To know the fact that channeling is the main facilitator of bring into the consciousness of humanity information of a higher nature.

  • To know that it is the modern means for the forces of light to communicate with us.

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The most important psychic ability today that has a huge influence on the human society as a whole is the ability called channeling. Channeling is the ability of a person to bring in the consciousness of another being from another location or dimension such that the being is able to speak through the person. This is one of the ways in which beings from other dimensions can have an influence on us.

Spirits in the spirit realm and beings from higher dimension such as Arch Angels have knowledge that we humans in our present reality cannot perceive with our ordinary senses. A person who can channel will be able to bring in beings from other places and eventually we can learn from these beings what they are willing to share of what they know and also to consult their wisdom.

In general, channeling is like adjusting the vibrational frequency of our body to receive the consciousness energy of the entity that you desire to channel. However, there is the risk that negative entities interfere with a channeling session and therefore precautionary preparations are usually required before a session.

A channeler at least has to have his or her vibrational frequency raised to a certain level in order to successfully channel.

One of the famous channelers we know of in history is a person I mentioned in earlier section, he is Edgar Cayce. During his healing work with people, he is able to channel a higher being which knows the health problems of his client and is then able to give a diagnosis and cure successfully.

The higher being of Edgar Cayce also assisted in giving spiritual health readings, business advice, past lives reading, dream interpretations and providing information and teachings on certain subjects most of which are considered as New Age.

Jane Roberts is the other channeler that is famous for channeling a higher being. The higher being which identified himself as Seth, is a teacher who taught us many truths about life and how we can change our life for the better. The teachings of Seth through Jane Roberts has been compiled together and recorded in the form of books. Like the work of Edgar Cayce, the Seth books which is also known as the Seth Material, contributed much to the New Age pool of knowledge.

There are many similarities to be found between the teachings of Edgar Cayce and those from the Seth Material. Both mentioned the existence of reincarnation and karma, which means the existence of past lives. This validates the work of some people I mentioned in earlier sections who work with the subconscious and past lives of clients.

The teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism also contain information pertaining to the existence of reincarnation and karma. If you are still not a believer in the concept of reincarnation and karma, it would be wise for you to think that perhaps these ideas that are found in so many teachings are actually the truth about life.

The Seth books contain teachings about life that are truly enlightening. It thought us that we create our own reality through our deepest core beliefs and from our expectations of life. Seth gave us insight to the truth and wisdom of our reality and even contains quantum physics theory at a time when our own research into quantum mechanics was still at its early stage.

There are readers who state that the Seth books are the best metaphysical books around. The information contained within is of a "higher consciousness" nature and as such, it can make you contemplate and change your life based on higher perspective.

Imagine you are going through life like before, diligently working hard to earn that promotion or to maintain your source of income. One day, after the usual dull routine at work, you sit down somewhere quietly asking yourself if this is all there is to life. You started wondering "is there something out there that knows the laws and workings of life?" Well... The Seth book is it.

The contents within are too profound for it to be written based solely on the knowledge of a person who obtained these knowledge by simply reading around or by fabricating them.

There are more and more channelers writing their own information on websites and sharing information by other means. More and more people are awakening to the truth and are expanding their consciousness with knowledge of a higher nature such that when a critical mass has been reached, grand uplifting changes will occur like a spark of light in the dark and there shall be great joy and amazement.

People who have awakened to the truth about the world and of their spiritual nature are called the Lightworkers. Usually they work with divine light to help with the planetary ascension, to heal people or that they help bring light to other people by sharing the truth and knowledge of a higher nature. These include channelers. Light can mean light energy from higher dimensions or it can mean information, which is actually a form of light.

Channeling plays an important role in the past because usually it is information from channeling or in another way of saying, knowledge and wisdom from higher beings that help people awaken.

Usually a channeler will channel a specific higher being that are more associated with them. But they can channel any higher beings of the light and only if the higher being wishes to be channeled. A channeler usually channels his or her Spirit Guide or Higher Self and group consciousness from higher dimensions can be channeled as well.

Here is a link that has good source of information from a group consciousness.

Wanderers are souls and beings from elsewhere who have incarnated on Earth at this time to help out with the ascension process. Anyone can be a Lightworker and they are often termed as wanderers as well. They are all part of the forces of light.

There are many notable channelers channeling information that are used to write books, used as website information or the information can be channeled specifically for other individuals too. Every person has a group of Spirit Guides guiding them and usually one of them will be the main guide for the person.

Many of these Spirit Guides are Ascended Masters or those of the Angelic Hierarchy. The Ascended Masters are mainly individuals who once incarnated on Earth, learned the lesson of life, transcended human limitations and reunited with the Divine. They usually now serve as teachers or guides to mankind. Here is a general list of the Ascended Masters and those of the Angelic Hierarchy.

This is another reason why channeling is important because people would want to get in touch with their Spirit Guides to find out more about themselves. However, it is important to find out more about a channeler first before accepting their information.

I would like to introduce you some important channelers and who they are channeling. They have contributed plenty of information to the public during these exciting times of change. The links to their channelings are also included. These are highly trusted sources.

-Mike Quinsey channels Salusa and various others.

-Suzanne Ward channels Mathew Ward.

-Blossom Goodchild channels The Friendships, White Cloud and various others. (On the website go to Federation of Light / Channelings After Oct 14)

Here is a video clip of Blossom Goodchild doing "direct voice" channeling. The process begins at around 9m 50s of the clip. This is the 1st out of 5 parts of the video.

Here are more videos from Blossom Goodchild.

-Veronica Keen channels Montague Keen.

-Kris-Won channels Commander Sohin and various others.

Here is a website that put together on a regular basis the few most trusted sources of channeling information including those mentioned above. Other languages are available. Use the search function on the website to find specific information.

It is important to know that dark forces can occasionally interfere with channelings and that there are agents pretending to be from the light producing channeled information to spread misinformation.

Therefore it is crucial to know where you get your sources of information from and to use discernment by activating your BS detector (Bullshit detector) whenever you read a channeled information.

Here is a website that has a pool of various enlightening channeled messages from other higher beings and it's a good place to learn many things. But remember BS detector applies.

There are many other channeled materials similar to the Seth material that had contributed greatly to the collective consciousness of humanity. Below are a few of them.

The Age of Enlightenment

I would say all of the channeling information that are of the light have one thing in common and that is talking about the theme of Ascension and the New Age. We are now at a time where the whole Earth is in a process of moving into the higher dimension, to be specific, the 5th dimension. It will be a time where people call it the Golden Age or the Age of Enlightenment. I will discuss more about the New Age in a later section.

The ascended Earth will have no place for Dark Cabals, therefore it is seen that the Dark Cabals will do everything that they can to retain their power.

During this ascension process, those souls who intent to ascend and have achieved higher vibration will ascend to the 5th dimension Earth where one is nearer to the Infinite Oneness, the All That Is, Creator God. Those who do not intent to ascend will continue their evolution and learning until the next ascension cycle.

Some of the important Master Teachers that are here to teach and guide us at this time based on alphabetical order are:

-Bashar. Bashar is a higher dimensional being who is here to assist humanity on Earth at this point of time. He is channeled, not exclusively, by Darryl Anka.

-The Order of Melchizedek too is here to assist mankind with the ascension process. They will usually have the word Melchizedek on their name. Drunvalo Melchizedek is a highly enlightened well known person of this order.

-Eckhart Tolle, a wise teacher who is here to help people.

-Orin and Daben. Orin and Daben are higher dimensional beings channeled by both Sanaya Roman and Duane Parker respectively. They have books containing New Age teachings that are unique in its way and are one of the best around. The guided meditations that they have are an excellent tool to allow you to familiarize with light from the higher dimensions. They also provide Light Body courses. They have plenty of free stuff and free download on their website.

-Osho. A wise and famous Indian mystic and spiritual teacher. He had written many books.

-Sathya Sai Baba. A real life Avatar of light who is here to assist at this point of time. He has many followers all around the world and is especially famous in India. He passed over on April 2011.

Next, let's look at the Galactic Federation of Light.


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