New Age of Aquarius:
Human Body Limits



  • To explore the limits and potential of the human body.

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Exploring the Human Body Limits and Potential

The Human body, including our brain, has much more potential than we currently know. Earlier, we mentioned that much functions of our DNA in our genes were yet to be determined and as such they were termed to be "junk". It is also known that our Human brain has much more potential than what we currently utilize in our everyday life. So how much more can our human body achieve?

Let's first look at our physical body. Bruce Lee, a famous martial artist could do the following feats:

  • He could do two fingers push ups with one hand.

  • He can do 50 repetitions of one arm chin-ups.

  • He could use one finger to leave dramatic marks on pine wood.

  • He was able to break a 68 kg bag with his sidekick or send a man flying to the ground.

Not impressive? How about this, when he punch a man with his fist starting out at only about 2.5 cm or one inch away from his opponent, he could bruise the man and make him loose footing. It is called the One Inch Punch.

Fake? Not really. Bruce Lee learned his One Inch Punch from the Wing Chun system of Kung Fu, a form of martial art. The One Inch Punch is able to generate a tremendous amount of power in short distance. This form of power is common and is also found in other systems of Kung Fu or martial arts.

Not impressed? How about these:

( Warning! Please do not attempt these by yourself. If you do, you will suddenly find yourself accompanied by angels or lying in a hospital bed! )

Breaking metals with the head.

Breaking bricks.

This is a must watch. ( Note that there is no sound )

Still not impressed? How about these:

Bending Iron with body.

Multiple Demonstrations.

How on Earth do people do that? Do all those feats rely on solid muscles and strength alone? These people do not seem to have exceptionally large muscles.

In fact, other than muscles and strength, those feats, including the One Inch Punch, require the use of Chi ( Also known as Qi ), a form of energy directed from the energy centers of our body which are also known as Chakras.

Here is a documentary on the One Inch Punch.

Note how Dr Zee Lo mentioned the use of Chi in Chinese martial art.

There is a lot to learn about Chakras and Chi and our knowledge of them goes back to thousands of years. From what we understand, knowledge on Chakras and Chi which is also known as Prana in Sanskrit, originated from India.

It is not certain if the idea of Chi was derived from India, its use began a long time ago in China. The knowledge on the movement of Chi makes up the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

To illustrate briefly, Chakras are the energy centers in our body that generate and store Chi. They exist in the form of energy along the spine and therefore cannot be identified and isolated in an autopsy. The Chakras generate Chi by receiving them from the surrounding.

Chi is a form of energy, also known as life force that exists in the body. This energy travels in channels in the body called Meridians. One can learn to move and direct Chi by breathing techniques and meditation as well as by certain form of exercises.

The more proficient you are able to generate and direct Chi, the more extraordinary your result of its usage will be. Here is a good example and a very important video.

This video shows that the Chi, which is inherently circulating inside the human body, other than to be used to perform feats that we have discussed so far, can even be harnessed to produce electricity that can be used to heal or burn something.

You might wonder what other uses we can use with the Chi in our body. Maybe the supposedly exaggerated display in some of those Chinese Kung Fu movies is not so impossible after all. This is just a casual non-serious statement that is for fun. =D

We have noticed that we might not be able to do some of the feats such as the One Inch Punch now but they are certainly possible. It requires dedication, proper conditioning and training in order to perform such feats.

The knowledge of the Chakras of our body had always been available to many people in the east. Such knowledge is now beginning to be known and accepted worldwide as dissemination of such knowledge is a part of the changes that humanity is undergoing.

It is clear that some people have the capabilities to do things that seems almost impossible and extraordinary to us but it is also clear that with knowledge and proper understanding, such things can be achieved.

Perhaps the phrase "nothing is impossible", excluding time factor, is not so far fetch. Now that we know some of the seemingly impossible physical feats that we are able to perform, what about that of the mind?


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