The Illuminati



  • To be aware of the control and influence of the dark forces.

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Dark Organizations - The Illuminati

The Dark Cabals, reptilians in disguise, work in various groups and are known by various names. These different groups serve as a form of identity to define them from other groups, a concept that is similar to a group with different families. The various groups can also exist to perform different roles or have different views of accomplishing their goals.

A few of these groups are the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission and the Freemasons. They are the Powers That Be. There are many other groups, some of which are family names. Apparently, their agenda is to bring about the New World Order, a plan whereby all nations come together, ruled by the Dark Cabals and which will help facilitate world domination, following which the rights of individuals will be taken.

There are many experts who have discovered the activities and secret agenda of the Illuminati. One of them is Jim Marrs, who published his findings in many of his books.

The New World Order is in the process of being brought about with the financial system, the banking system which is implemented and controlled by the cabals. This system allow proclaims of ownership by manipulating the monetary, shareholding and debt mechanism. Know that the current economic system is fundamentally flawed.

All governments in countries with huge debts in the form of external debts especially those high up in percentage of their GDP run the risk of being controlled by international bankers or the World Bank. Here is a list of countries with external debts.

Enormous efforts are being made by the forces of light to expose and stop the illuminati and the Dark Cabals. As such we can now find plenty of information pertaining to them on the internet as well as in books. One example would be the use of the illuminati in the novel titled "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown.

The symbol of the Illuminati is the pyramid with the capstone missing and the all-seeing eye on top. It is shown on the reverse side of the great seal of the Unites States and on the dollar bill.

The all seeing-eye is a symbol of evil. This has been supported by research done by several people. The Eye of Sauron depicted in the Lord of the Rings film is similar to this all-seeing eye. Interestingly in the film, the eye has a black slit similar to the eyes found in reptiles.

The Reptilians exert their control over humans by being in the leadership positions of banks, political structures and other organizations all over the world. They do this by disguising themselves in the form of humans using different means such as by possessing a compatible body that has the required genetics, using hybrids that can shape-shift, or with technology such as holographic technology, cloning or mind control.

It is important to note that a same reptilian can possess into another body of another person after the current body has malfunctioned for whatever reason or that the reptilian desires a change of body.

Usually after these disguised humans have certain power, they will manipulate to bring in more of their own into the top structure of other organizations. This is how they manage to get so many things done.

Organizations known to be controlled by the Dark Cabals:

-The Federal Reserve, Goldman Sach and many other multi-national banks. The films "Inside Job" and "Capitalism: A Love Story", show us what people have learned about the financial crisis.

-Most oil companies and also other big corporations in the Unites States and Europe.

-The media including Hollywood. The media is the most important place to spread information, one of which is news broadcasting. Therefore it is not surprising that most of the news broadcasting were being controlled by the Illuminati.

-NASA. There are many NASA cover ups you can find on the internet that has been leaked including photos of vegetation on Mars as well as UFOs seen during mission to the moon etc.

-International Space Station. They had used much of tax payer money to build a space station for their own agenda.

-CERN. The LHC was created to achieve the agenda of dark forces under the disguise of contributing to the progress of science.

-HAARP. This is the secret weapon of the Illuminati which they have frantically used and which now is no longer a secret. More about HAARP will be discussed later.

Mind Control

It is important to know there are Human/Reptilian hybrids living among us especially in the United States. Those that are in contact with their higher ups usually work to implement insidious plans of control or to discredit the work of others that are seen as obstacles to their plans such as those that might reveal the Reptilians as being the manipulator and culprit of certain events.

The black ops projects were largely carried out with money from tax payers to serve the agenda of dark forces. Examples are the Montauk project, project MK-ULTRA and many others.

The numbers of those dark forces on Earth such as the Reptilians and their hybrids are few compared to the whole human population on Earth. Therefore they planned other methods to extend their control such as by mind control which is part of the black ops and by implants, usually inserted during UFO abductions or during involvement with black ops projects. Implants can also be in the form of microchips inserted voluntarily.

Here is an hour long video that shows evidence of implants.

Implants in the form of microchips can also be introduced in a deceptive legitimate form.

Note that many of the people that have been mind-controlled are innocent. Most of them since young have been subjected to torture, sexual abuse and many other things in order to create multi-personality disorder so as to facilitate control. Those that have their control disabled by accident or because of some other reasons are now the whistleblowers to bring down the Illuminati.

An example is Cathy O'Brien who was a victim of mind control and she wrote her experience and thoughts in her book Trance: formation of America.

Other mind control victims that are now whistleblowers include:

-David Corso and Duncan O'Finioan who was involved in project Talent, a part of project MK-ULTRA.

-Aaron McCollum who was involved in project Talent, a part of project MK-ULTRA as well as project Seagate.

The Manchurian candidate and Bourne identity films gave us a good idea about mind control and brain washing.

Most mass shootings that occurred in public places or schools in the United States were mostly the results of mind control to achieve certain agenda such as to divert attention in the news away from other acts by Dark Cabals as well as to eliminate certain targets using mind-controlled slaves.


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