Nature of Reality 2

Our reality is real, but it is also an illusion.

Why is our reality an illusion? We perceive our world with our five senses. They function as electric signals to the brain. However, each one of us experiences our world differently because our senses can be different even if slightly and due to our beliefs, the way each of us perceives our reality is also different.

Reality is different for each living entity, dictated by the senses. There are many animals and creatures that have better senses than mankind. Many have capabilities that humans do not. For example dolphins have the ability to use echolocation. Eagles have much better eyesight than humans. Homing pigeons have the ability to detect magnetic fields. Many animals can also see beyond our visible spectrum, hear a larger range of frequency and have a much better sense of smell than us.

There are people who can see aura also known as energy fields. Some people can even see ghost. Some people can see well in the dark while others cannot. In cases of synesthesia, it is possible for letters or numbers to be naturally seen as colored. Words heard or spoken can also stimulate taste sensation on the tongue.

Reality can be perceived in so many different ways. The question is whose reality is the real one? What exactly is real?

Our reality is similar to a computer program. Some has called it the matrix as many characteristics of this program were portrayed in the Matrix films. This program also displays properties that are holographic in nature.

The findings in quantum physics have revealed much to us about the truth of our reality. Looking at the double slit experiment which I have discussed in the vibration article, we see that the presence or absence of a mind observing can affect the nature and outcome of the observed.

When observed, the result of the experiment showed the behavior of a particle. Otherwise, it behaved like a wave. The act of observation produced a wave function collapse which means it reduced a state of possibilities to a single possibility.

This shows that our consciousness is involved in creating our reality. If there is no one to observe reality, everything will simply be in some kind of a wave state, a state with infinite possibilities. This supports the notion of reality being made of vibrations and also indicates there is the existence of infinite parallel universes.

From the book The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, it was mentioned that Karl H. Pribram, a professor and neurosurgeon realized that the objective reality we are so accustomed to might not exist. He wondered if the mystics were right when they said reality is maya, an illusion where everything is a "frequency domain", some sort of wave forms that only became our world after being perceived by our senses. After studying the work of David Bohm, a quantum physicist, Pribram found his answers and in addition to that, he learned that Bohm believed the entire universe is a hologram.

Our beliefs play a big role in creating our reality. Even if the beliefs were not based on truth, it can still have a certain effect. An example of this is the use of placebo.

We can see the manipulation of beliefs largely in the area of hypnosis where hypnotic suggestions were used to achieve a desired effect.

In the book The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot witnessed a hypnotist, after he hypnotized a man, made him believe that he cannot see his daughter. The man was then able to see through his daughter to describe a watch that was put up on his daughter's back. His daughter was at that moment invisible. How can this be?

The need to eat and drink is also a belief that can be removed. There are many well known people who are able to survive without food and water for long periods of time. This phenomenon is well recorded and is known as inedia.

The illusionary nature of our reality also applies to time where there are findings that indicate the nature of time that we are so accustomed to, is not what it seems to be.

We know from Einstein's theory of relativity, time does not pass at the same rate universally. It is not absolute. It is relative, affected by the speed in which one is travelling and also the strength of the gravitational field it is in.

For example a clock moving at the speed of light ticks slower than one that is stationary on Earth. Another example is a clock that is on Earth tick slower than one that is high up in the sky. These are examples of the velocity and gravitational time dilation.

We can see that time too is a program, a creation created by relating to other objects. The truth is time don't even exist. I will explain this later.

As the passage of time is just a belief, getting old too is a belief. In the book Messages from Hollow Earth, it is known that people of the hollow earth do not age. This is because aging is not in their belief system. They understood the truth that there is no time.

There are many other findings that indicated our reality works like a program and not the way we think it is.

The concept of space that defines distance as we know it is just an illusion. It is a program in which we taught the laws it abides are unbendable. For example teleportation is seen to be impossible, but in truth, there is more to it.

In quantum physics, there are findings which led to the creation of the term known as non-locality whereby it suggests that the whole universe is actually interconnected regardless of the distance. Since space is just an illusion, this gives credence to the notion that in truth, time does not exist as space and time exists together known as space-time.

We can see signs of this phenomenon in the behaviors of flocks of birds and schools of fish. Flocks of birds are able to fly in a coordinated wavelike manner simultaneously. But this is not possible since communication will at least take some time to process. It is as though the birds used telepathy and behind the movements there appears to be a single controlling force. This is the same with the schools of fish which are able to move in a coordinated manner simultaneously.

There are plenty of signs of non-locality that can be found in the psychic phenomena. For example in a bilocation phenomenon, a person is able to appear at two places simultaneously. Indian guru, mystic and holy man Sathya Sai Baba is known to be able to do this. Another person who could bilocate is Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, also known as Padre Pio.

Clairvoyance or remote viewing, the ability to look at anywhere regardless of distance and time was deemed to be impossible. But remote viewing has been scientifically proven to work. There are people who used remote viewing to look beyond Earth. Dr. Courtney Brown had described his account in his two books Cosmic Voyage and Cosmic Explorer.

Non-locality can also be seen in the hundredth monkey syndrome / effect, a phenomenon where after a certain number of the same species have learned something new at a particular area, this knowledge will be known throughout this same species regardless of distance.

Many phenomena exist that defy logic. They suggest to us the idea that our reality is like a program in which this program can be altered.

Fire walking is a well known miraculous phenomenon. If people can walk across extremely hot surfaces barefooted, what about other possibilities?

There are known ways to allow people to see blindfolded, which means without using the eyes. Such techniques include the Bronnikov Method and Midbrain Activation.

The nature of our reality as a program is reflected in the mathematical and geometrical patterns and codes that can be found in scientific as well as esoteric knowledge such as numerology, astrology, Fibonacci numbers, Phi proportions, Golden Mean, I Ching, Sacred Geometry and many others.

Our reality is holographic in nature. As scientists understood from the non-locality phenomenon that behind everything there is an underlying reality which is interconnected, this tells us that there is no space and no time, our reality is just a projection of our consciousness as is implicated by the double slit experiment where the presence of an observer can collapse the wave function.

A characteristic of the hologram is that if you were to cut the holographic film into whatever size, any of the pieces will still contain the whole image, but that the size of the image will reduce accordingly to the pieces.

This can be seen in our body where in palmistry also known as palm reading, certain part of the hand corresponds to certain organ of the body. However, this did not only apply to the hand. In physiognomy, also known as face reading, certain part of the face can also be linked to certain organ of the body.

In acupuncture, different parts of the ear can also correspond to different organs of the body. Amazingly this can also apply to the eyes and even the colon as is found in the work of Dr. Bernard Jensen.

It is known in science that DNA, which is found in our cells, contains an exact complete replica of the body. With the right technology, it is possible to create an entire body from any cell that contains our DNA.

Essentially, our DNA is like a hologram. Experiments conducted by a group of Russian scientists made findings that indicated the possibility of manipulating DNA as though it is some kind of a program.

Dr. Peter Gariaev irradiated and killed some ordinary seeds. He then shone a hologram of healthy seeds onto these seeds with a laser and managed to revive them. He did the same thing to rats where he destroyed their pancreas with drugs and surgically removed them. After which he shone a light through healthy pancreas tissue and beamed it to the drugged rats. The pancreas reformed completely.

He did another experiment where he shone a laser beam through a salamander's embryo and redirecting it to a frog's embryo causing it to become a salamander. The reverse was done resulting in a salamander's embryo to become a frog.

V. Budakovski, a scientist, did a study with raspberries that had calluses, which are actually cancerous cells. He did the same thing by beaming a hologram of a healthy raspberry to the tumor and completely healed it.

Dr. A. B. Burlakov did an experiment with fertilized fish eggs that were in different phases of development. Two groups of eggs or larvae with different age were brought into optical contact with each other using quartz filters that provided the mitogenetic effect. If the age difference is not too large, there was a significant increase in growth of the younger eggs or larvae as compared to the older ones. If the age difference was large, the younger ones will show signs of retardation, deformities and higher death rates.

The holographic nature of our body can also be seen in how our brain functions.

In the 1920s, neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield thought memories were stored in specific parts of the brain called engrams. Psychologist and behaviorist Karl Lashley tried to verify this by conducting experiments on rats where he trained them in maze-running abilities and then try to find out where this maze-running memory was located by surgically removing portion of the rat's brain. Even when large portion of the brain were removed, the rats were still able to navigate through the maze.

He wrote his findings in his famous monograph "Brain mechanisms and intelligence" in 1929. By 1950, his research showed that the cerebral cortex act as one, as a whole and if certain parts of the brain are damaged, other parts of the brain may take on the role of the damaged portion. No localized memory traces were found.

Professor and neurosurgeon Karl Pribram was surprised at Lashley's findings. He noticed that when patients had large portions of their brain removed, they did not suffer any loss of specific memories. Only that the memories became more blur as greater portion of the brain were removed. He later concluded that memories are not localized in any specific part, but appears to distribute throughout the brain. He believed that the mind operates like a hologram.

Scientists had a hard time finding these memory locations called engrams because memory works in a holographic manner. Long term memories are stored in our subconscious and they can be retrieved by our conscious mind. This is the process that is happening when we try to recall or remember something. It is also possible to retrieve memories by using hypnosis.

Our subconscious mind is the collective DNA patterns in our cells. Our memories go into our subconscious which is actually our DNA. This is supported by the fact that DNA carries information. It is known that in hypnosis, it is possible to give hypnotic suggestions to change almost any aspect, be it the physical, the personality, the emotions or habits etc, of the person.

This is possible as our subconscious mind has the ability to alter our DNA to the desired effect. Such a possibility reminds us of its similarity to a software program.

It is seen in many areas that our reality is like a hologram, where one can consider it to be a multidimensional projection into a fourth dimensional space and time.

The microscopic is reflected in the macroscopic and vice versa. In an atom, the way the subatomic particles arrange themselves is like how our solar system is arranged. Our solar system is also seen to be similar to our galaxy where things move in orbit. This corresponds to the hermetic maxim of "As above, so below".

Everything around us that we know of is an illusion. It is like a program. When we think of horrible things, we feel fear. When we imagine beautiful and peaceful sceneries, we feel blissful. When we are fully engrossed in a movie, our emotions move along with the plot, even though we know it is all just a show.

We experience reality through our five senses. It does not differentiate if the experience is acted out or happened in the real world, it can all seem real. Even our dreams can feel real. The important point is we decide how we want to perceive and feel our experiences. All our experiences are recorded in our DNA.

Some people ask if it is all just an illusion, why bother helping another person or why be good? Why is it still important to be virtuous anymore?

We have to know that despite we live in an illusionary world, there are also certain things that are real in the program. Our consciousness is real. Our soul is real. Our experience is also real.

Our experiences matters because just like the creator is always seeking to learn more about itself, we are the reflection of the creator. We are part of the creator. This is the meaning that is implied in the phrase that man (mankind) is created in the image of God (Creator).

As a creator being, we knew instinctively that virtue matters. We should "follow our conscience" so to speak, be ourselves and follow our heart. Living is to experience and that is certainly real.


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