Mayan Calendar and 2012



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The Mayan Calendar and 2012

There is no reasonable denying or refute that for most of us, our general knowing of the changes that might occur in 2012 was brought about by the deciphering of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

If you look into the research and studies done on the Mayan culture, you will find a lot of credibility to the findings that have been published pertaining to the Mayan's superb knowledge in mathematics, science and astronomy.

The Mayan culture thrived during the period from about 300 AD to 900 AD. This is also known as the Classic Period in Mayan history. It is a period where their arts and culture flourished and Tikal, now an archaeological ruin, was one of the largest, most important and powerful cities at that time.

They too constructed structures that are pyramid in style similar to ancient Egypt, and many other indigenous people around the world. It is impressive of them, like the Egyptians, to be able to lift perfectly carved stones and place them in an almost flawless manner in their architecture when no evidence of wheels and pulleys were used.

The most notable aspect of the Mayans however is their time keeping skills which were apparent in the calendars they used.

It is known that the Mayans used several various calendars, each depicting different cycles and each used for making decisions of a different nature. The different cycles are according to the cyclical nature of life including the rising and setting of the sun, the seasons, the yearly astronomical rotation as well as events of a larger nature in the form of a period of years.

The length of a solar year according to

Accepted modern definition : 365.24219878 / 365.2422 days
Mayan calendar : 365.2420 (-0.0002) days
Current Gregorian calendar : 365.2425 (+0.0003) days

As you can see, the Mayan calendar is slightly more accurate than the Gregorian calendar despite that the Mayan civilization exists in a time more than 1,000 years ago.

This shows the accuracy and credibility in their calendars and what intrigued us is what the Mayans have to tell us in their Long Count Calendar. The purpose for the Long Count calendar is to measure time well into the past as a form of historical purpose as well as into the future as a form identifying future events.

The Long Count calendar begins with the date of and end with the same number, The first part of the Long Count called the Baktun is numbered from 1 - 13. One Baktun equals to 144,000 days which is approximately 394 years.

When used in conjunction with the Gregorian calendar, many experts have agreed that the long count began on August 13 3114 BC and end on 21 December 2012. This period of time is also called the great cycle.

According to the Mayans, 13 Baktuns represents a great cycle of approximately 5,125 years and each great cycle is made up of 13 smaller cycles. As it is known, each smaller cycle denotes a period of time where those people incarnated at that period will live to fulfill certain specific evolutionary destiny and purpose. The great cycle too mark similar denotation but it will be planetary in nature.

Doomsday theorists would have predicted that the end of the great cycle marks the end of the world, but Mayan scholars and natives state otherwise and indicated there is no evidence anywhere to suggest doomsday during the end of the count but instead should celebrate like a new year, because the end of a great cycle marks the beginning of another.

Many Mayan Shamans and Elders commented that this shift of the ages does not mark the end of the world. Instead, it is a time when the consciousness of humanity will change, where Mother Earth will transcend to a higher level of consciousness. Humanity will attain a higher understanding and wisdom. It will also be a time when peace and harmony will reign on Earth as well as a time when we return to a state of awareness.

A few notable experts on the Mayan Calendar are Dr. Jose Arguelles, Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, John Major Jenkins, and Barbara Hand Clow. These experts have something in common pertaining to their work on the Mayan prophecy. Generally their work had led them to conclude that the Mayan prophecy on the year 2012 is about a shift in human consciousness.

It is amazing too to note that during the winter solstice which falls on 21 December 2012 is also the time when our sun aligns with the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

If you believe in Astrology or if celestial movements in the heavens mean anything to you, perhaps something is really happening now or going to happen soon.

Like previous cases of doomsday predictions, it is quite certain that doomsday will not happen. Then, what exactly is the Mayan Prophecy talking about? Is it possible that things mentioned by our indigenous Elders, Shamans and Mayan scholars can happen?

Here are some videos on what a few of the experts have to say about the changes.

Is it possible for humanity to undergo transformation? Is there more to the human body and mind than what we currently know? Next let's look at ourselves, the human capabilities and potential.


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