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  • Be informed that there are companies selling products and services that open the doors to the potential of our mind.

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Unleashing the Mind Power

The commercialization of our understanding of the subconscious mind, other than used in regression, has already begun. However, it is obvious that this market is still pretty new and much is to be desired to educate and to convince potential customers on the authenticity of the products.

Subliminal Messages

One such term called "subliminal messages" was used, made into products and sold. How it works is that it made use of the idea of repetitive suggestions but done in a subtle manner such that it will be impressed into our subconscious unnoticeably.

The distinctiveness about subliminal messages is that it need not be in the form where we will be consciously aware of when in use. Ways in which they are used is where these messages and affirmations are integrated into music, but all we hear is the music, or that these messages and affirmations are being flashed on the monitor screen in split seconds, hardly catching our attention.

They are called subliminal messages for they are subtle and are mainly beyond our conscious perception. The danger is as our subconscious mind does not rationalize what is being fed to it, unlike our conscious mind, there is no way that we can know for sure what kinds of subliminal messages have been given to us.

The use of subliminal messages can be beneficial to us, however, it is crucial to be aware of the danger as the possibility of subliminal messages being created for selfish designs or of ill intention could be secretly transmitted to us.


An interesting way of using our subconscious mind that we can find in the market is in a commercialized concept called "PhotoReading". It was discovered that with the use of our subconscious mind, it is possible for us to obtain information from pages of text in a book or pages of text on the screen quickly, much faster than conventional way of reading.

Generally, how it works is that one has to first reach a relaxed state of mind where the subconscious mind is more prominent on the surface of reality. It is similar to being in a meditative state or a hypnotic trance, the main difference being we are not totally unconscious and are still aware of what is happening in our surrounding.

After one attained that state, by using the peripheral vision, one flips or scroll through the texts and ensure a quick relaxed glare at the pages at the same time without being consciously aware of the details. It is like taking quick snapshots with a camera but with the data being captured and stored in the subconscious. This is how the information is being assimilated.

The subconscious will then be given some time to sort out the information. In the PhotoReading term, it is called the "incubation period".

One is then able to access information from all the text being assimilated by asking questions either to themselves or have someone else ask the questions. The information required will then be made aware in the mind as if one had read and understood them. It is known that such a skill requires practice.

This way of obtaining information is a great discovery for if we possess such a skill, we will be able to read many books in a day and not a book in many days. This will revolutionize the way we learn and how quickly we learn.

However, as with many other skills and ability that are out of the ordinary, it requires training and time to master. There are people who are very successful with it and there are people who aren't.

Robert Monroe

Another discovery that can further unleash the potential of our mind is a method used that can synchronize the brainwaves of both the left side and right side of the brain to work together and enhance its ability.

The first of such technology is called Hemi-Sync, a trademarked brand developed by Robert Monroe, founder of The Monroe Institute, in the 1950s. Subsequently, other companies using almost similar technology emerged.

How it works is that certain sounds are used through the headphone to create different frequency on the left and the right brain of the listener. The different frequencies will then merge in your mind to form a "binaural beat" which will then entrain your mind to the required brainwave frequency be it Beta, Alpha, Theta or Delta.

The amazing thing about this technology is it enables you to experience altered state of consciousness. Hemi Sync's products offer various forms of benefits be it to work with your subconscious mind or to commune with your soul, it open possibilities for us to experience and better our life like never before.

Robert Monroe himself, by using his technology, was able to induce out of body. It is important to note that Robert Monroe's personal experience tells us much about our reality. His work shed light to many areas of knowledge that are spiritual in nature and his work certainly contributed to the fact that our soul exists deep within us, waiting for us to realize it and to initiate contact.

The possibility of us being able to commune with our soul by using technology or methods has no doubt lifted the spiritual progress of humanity by many levels. This is simply a part of the change that is now occurring.

Jose Silva

The other important player in the industry that unlocks the potential of our mind is the techniques developed by Jose Silva called The Silva Method and The Silva UltraMind ESP System.

ESP is the abbreviation for Extrasensory Perception, a term coined by Sir Richard Burton, which means information received not through the usual physical senses, but with the mind. In general, it refers to most forms of psychic abilities.

Jose Silva's programs are perhaps one of the earliest to incorporate the idea of attaining beneficial results by reaching into the deeper recesses of our subconscious mind through relaxation techniques.

Just like the few other players in this industry, Jose Silva's products offer to benefit us by helping us achieve a healthier, happier and fulfilling life.


When we think about the details of how these companies are able to help change our life for the better, we will always be able to determine one thing, which is that it normally involves us going deeper into ourselves, to work with our subconscious mind or an aspect deep inside us.

We should know that the chances of these companies that are based on the work of Robert Monroe and Jose Silva, being setup to cheat your money by using pseudoscience to mislead people, are very unlikely.

These companies have been established and existed for a long time and they have research documents and genuine testimonials to support their claims. If these companies are selling fake products and services, they would not have survived to this day.

There is one very important point that I would like to bring up to you. It has got to do with the similarities of these companies other than them being in the same industry. One of the similarities and main selling point you can find in some of their products is that it is possible for you to find out more about yourself and your life purpose.

It is known that each one of us is here for a reason, we have a purpose, not something that is absolutely specific, but one in which is perhaps related to the lessons we are here to learn, that are part of a theme or it could be related to the traits of the soul.

The soul does have a purpose for its incarnated form. The purpose could be to contribute to the world in some manner. Life purpose is information that can be known, from sources that are spiritual in nature or felt strongly in the form of intuition.

Although the concept that each of us have a life purpose of our own is very important. It is still too early in the course for me to discuss about our life purpose as you will have a hard time understanding it. I will explain them in more details in a later section after we have covered most of the points and you shall be able to synthesize all the facts in a logical manner to finally know the truth.


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