Money is an essential part of the Illuminati power structure. It is required for their hierarchical pyramid system to function just like how blood flows in a body. Man needs sustenance to survive and if they are not living off the land, then most likely they live in a society that requires money to buy what they need.

During the colonial era, westernization spread throughout most of the world. Even though most colonies had eventually become autonomous, their cultures were largely influenced by western ideas. This can be attributed to the enticement of superior western military power and higher standard of living which are associated with material comfort.

Westernization involves industrializations and this is where man were taught through education to put in their energy as it helps to raise the economic status of their country from "third world" to "developing" and finally to "developed".

During the Industrial Revolution, there is a great change to the economic system as getting loans from banks became more prevalent and there were more and more joint stock companies coming into existence. The Illuminati would use the influence of westernization to establish their control over the world through ownership, the banking system and agents.

The emphasis on "division of labor" since the industrial revolution resulted in "economic interdependence" where people in industrialized society have to depend on others for products that they do not produce themselves.

"Division of labor" is also being applied to countries as well. Many countries are encouraged, motivated or being manipulated to specialize in certain industries, compromising their ability to be self-reliant as a result. They trade with other countries for their other needs. "Economic interdependence" is therefore being achieved on a global scale. This is how economic boom and bust affect worldwide.

For reasons such as trade, countries are giving up more and more of their sovereignty. This can be seen in the European Union where the union governs certain aspects of the countries involved. The coming together of countries to form unions was a part of the plan by the illuminati to divide the world into regions in order to facilitate control.

The global "economic interdependence" together with advances in technology, such as in communication and transportation, made our world seems smaller. This is referred to as "globalization". It is essentially the result of the plan for a one world government.

The interdependence of countries is an essential part of the Illuminati control structure. This is because a prosperous self-reliant country that does not need to rely on trade with other countries to survive will resist being told what to do and are therefore difficult to be controlled.

Large corporations usually are able to put smaller businesses out of competition and this started an emerging trend of mergers and acquisitions creating large corporate groups and conglomerates. As such, those on the top of the hierarchy who can dictate the policies of the groups or conglomerates carry large amount of power as they control the products and services that are being provided to the masses and they have the capacity to determine the number employees they are willing to employ as this correlate to the number of people who can "earn a living" through employment. For example when the companies in a nation adopt a policy of downsizing, this is when the national unemployment rate will increase and many people suffer as a result.

Corporations play a key role in implementing the globalization process and this include those companies that set up office on foreign soils. These companies are generally called "multi-national" companies.

The strength of the economy of a country is made up of a few factors, one being the activities of enterprises. Entrepreneurship and the viability of businesses depend very much on the availability of capitals such as investments and especially loans. Therefore, loan policies and banks have always played a huge role in the shaping of economy.


The main reason the Illuminati were able to obtain large amount of wealth is by charging interest on the money they loan through the international banking system. In a western economic system, making loans that is accompanied by interest for whatever ventures that requires capital have become generally accepted since recent history.

The wealth that can be acquired with the use of interest comes in a bigger way when governments through circumstances consider it necessary to make loans from private bankers. In order for the government to repay its debts to the bankers, the government has to collect money from the people through various means.

For example in the past, Great Britain became heavily indebted to private bankers when King William III was known to have borrowed 1.2 million pounds at 8% interest from the newly formed Bank of England. The debt eventually grew to a humongous proportion from financing various wars.

In order to repay its debts, various laws such as the Sugar Act (1764), the Currency Act (1764) and the Stamp Act (1765) were passed during the reign of King George III to effectively collect money from the British colonies in North America. These laws are known to be the fundamental causes for the American Revolution.

The reality of nations owning debts to private bankers would eventually come to be known as "national debt". This created a strong link between economic activities and private bankers. As man needs to earn a living, unless they live off the land, they will have to participate in some kind of economic activities in which the government will benefit through taxes. These taxes are then managed to be repaid to private bankers.

Essentially people are generally working to build the wealth of private bankers as countries are being manipulated to fight one another or convinced to upgrade their economic status causing governments to incur huge amount of debts.

Money is basically a medium of exchange, a form of currency used to help overcome the inconvenience of a barter system, which is an exchange of values between two parties. Values mean goods or services in this context.

The use of interest on the loan of money is simply the exchange of money with more money. This essentially means creating more money with the passing of time. The use of compound interest allows the total amount of debt to grow exponentially which resulted in the creation of even more money.

The problem here is that the interest system did not create values which people can use. Money, a medium of exchange, being made into a value to be exchanged (money exchange with more money with the passing of time) is a fraud because a medium of exchange alone has no value. Anything can be used as money as long as they are accepted and it is therefore different from goods or services. The purpose of money is to act as a means of exchange.

Creating more money with money is power because you can create the means of exchanging for true values (goods or services) without you providing a value (goods or services) for exchange. Remember bartering is the exchange of true values between two parties and it represents true commerce. Money served only to facilitate this process.

The argument for the use of interest is that loans with interest allow enterprises to create values with the passing of time. However this is more an excuse for the use of interest to continue because loans to enterprises can be done interest free.

For example lenders can share the risks of enterprises by partaking in a profit loss sharing scheme instead of charging interest. This is the case with interest-free Islamic banking which developed in the latter half of the 20th century.

Furthermore, the argument was not convincing because loans with interest were also used to finance wars and being provided for other purposes that do not create values.

Charging interest on loans is also known as "usury" in the past. Even though usury is now defined as the practice of lending money at excessive or illegal interest rates, it originally meant the charging of interest at any rate. It is a term largely derived from Christian religious principles. Usury is generally known to be morally wrong and early Christian churches banned such a practice.

It is known that philosophers and religious leaders in the ancient world disagree with the use of interest on loans. They include Plato, Aristotle, Cato, Cicero, Seneca, Aquinas, Muhammad, Moses, Philo and Gautama Buddha.

"The most hated sort, and with the greatest reason, is usury, which makes a gain out of money itself, and not from the natural object of it. For money was intended to be used in exchange, but not to increase at interest." - Aristotle (Greek philosopher)

"To take usury for the lending of money is in itself unjust, because it is a case of selling what is non-existent; and that is manifestly the setting up of an inequality contrary to justice." - St. Thomas Aquinas

Creating Money Out of Thin Air

We have seen how the use of interest helped create more money. It is essentially creating money out of thin air. When computers came into the picture, it made this process ruthlessly efficient. Money can now be stored in accounts on computers as numbers and they can be used exactly the same as physical money through various means.

Banks made use of this opportunity to create more money. The method used to do this is called "fractional-reserve banking" and it became a common form of banking practiced in most countries.

How it works is that whenever entities deposit money into the account of a bank, a fraction of it for example 10% is required to be kept in reserve. The remainder 90% will be available to be given out as loans. Chances are this 90% will be used and the money will once again be deposited into any of the banks. The banks again repeat the procedure of keeping a portion as reserve and loaning the rest. If all banks use a reserve fraction of 10%, money can be created up to 9 times the original deposit.

A cycle is hence established whereby as there are more goods and services in the market more loans will be available and more money will be created. This is a reason why in recent decades, money supplies have increased drastically around the world.

The system involved in the use of Credit cards is similar to that of private bankers giving out loans with interest. Credit cards users made payments with credits first and will be charged interest depending on when they repay their debt. This business relies on computer transactions to effectively bring the interest system to the masses and is a good example of an efficient way of creating money by using the interest system with computer technology.

One of the biggest secrets is that the privately owned Federal Reserve in the United States is literally creating money out of thin air and they are loaned to the government with interest. Rightfully, the government should be printing their own money without the burden of interest.

With the creation of so much money and by getting involved in the capitalism way of doing things or by manipulation, these few rich people are getting richer. They are then able to use this created money that are largely in the form of credits to own assets with real values. This leads to assets and properties being owned by fewer and fewer hands. The Dark Cabals got so wealthy that it is truly staggering. For example, the total holdings of the Rothschild family are known to be around 500 trillion dollars.

The world economic system that has been shaped and molded by the Dark Cabals might bring a certain level of prosperity to various nations, unfortunately the system is not meant for everyone to be well to do and the creation of money is causing a real danger of inflation problem in the United States and around the world.


There is a hidden agenda behind making prevalent the use of this system that revolves around the borrowing of money and the paying of interest. The main plan for the New World Order is to bankrupt and foreclose all countries, turning them into satellites. This plan is to be facilitated with global economic interdependence.

An economic downturn for whatever reason causes the inability to fulfill debt obligations and more sellers and lesser buyers will cause prices of stocks, properties and other assets to slide. This is when the wealthy will acquire more wealth and viable big corporations to become even bigger with mergers and takeovers. This resulted in power being consolidated into fewer hands.

An economic downturn can also leave entire countries in financial ruins and be unable to meet their debt obligations. Bankrupted, they will have to seek emergency financial aid from foreign investors or global institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF). These aids usually comes with strings attached, causing these countries to be dictated by external policies.

For example, the IMF usually always demands its borrower nations to embrace the policies of privatization, and trade liberalization.

Privatization allows control to be given into private hands and it means opening up the possibility of integration into the Illuminati interconnected control structure. Trade liberalization is essentially economic interdependence which worked to foster a more integrated global system.

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (2004) a book written by John Perkins describes how professionals, including himself, are hired to convince underdeveloped countries into accepting enormous development loans from institutions like the World Bank and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). These foreign financial aids are then manipulated to flow into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families.

In the 2006 edition of the book, it was mentioned that the conditions for debt forgiveness by the G8 nations to Third World Countries is for them to privatize their public services, to discontinue subsidies and trade restrictions that support local business (destroy self-reliance), to continue subsidization of certain businesses by G8 countries (establish economic interdependence) as well as the erection of trade barriers on imports that threaten G8 industries.

The state of the economy can easily be affected by various forces. For example, in the United States, by adjusting the interest rate called the federal funds rate, it will affect the flow of money supply in the economy and therefore determine to a great extent the state of the economy.

A situation in the economy causing an economic collapse can also be easily created by those with wealth and power. For instance, the documentary film Inside Job directed by Charles H. Ferguson revealed to the world that the financial crisis that began near the end of 2007 was essentially an inside job.

The crisis which is also known as the Subprime Mortgage Crisis or Credit Crunch is the execution of the plan by the Dark Cabals to cause an economic recession throughout the world. One of their main agenda is to eliminate the middle class in the United States. They want to create two distinct classes; the rich and the poor.

During the crisis, the bailouts given to Wall Street banks and the huge payouts and bonuses received by the bankers despite the situation are actually rewards for their efforts in creating the system that successfully collapsed the economy.

This is already happening in the United States. For example in addition to the large layoffs of the middle class during the recent financial crisis, most college graduates are unable to find graduate jobs and do not have much choice but to work at jobs with low wages. What is worst is that many of them are at the same time carrying the burden of college debts.

Another agenda for this crisis is to bring together the many nations of the world to accept new proposals introduced to tackle the global economic crisis. The real purpose for this move is to bring closer the reality of creating global economic governance such as the global economic coordination council that will have elected officials at the top representing the economies of various nations.

Because of the crisis, it will largely be seen by the people to be desirable and acceptable. This will essentially be the birth of the New World Order. However, it will not come to pass. The use of the problem-reaction-solution tactic by the Dark Ones can clearly be identified here.


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