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  • To understand some forms of alternative healing or new age healing which are spiritual in nature and also holistic and effective in dealing with illnesses.

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Aura Reading

Everything animate or inanimate has a form of vibration to it which emits a subtle field of energy. The one in the human body is called the human energy field. This field can be seen and it is called an aura. The literature on aura can be found in many religious texts and it is known that different colors of aura of a person denote different characteristics about that person.

Buddha is known to have an aura that extend up to several miles and that he can control the extent of his aura at will. Jesus too is known to have an aura. The aura of spiritually evolved people is known to be different from ordinary people. Usually theirs would be one of white, gold, silver, yellow, violet or indigo in color. Sometimes there will be a combination of colors and there might be a metallic tinge to it. Ordinary people will normally have one of the remaining colors.

The existence of aura has been proven by many scientists and the work of one such scientist had been reported in the news.

Our aura is a reflection of ourselves in many areas such as our state of spirituality, which we have mentioned earlier, our physical body condition, our emotion, and also our health. It is known that one can learn to see aura. However, like many other abilities, practice is required and it is not easy.

Today, we have computer technology that can help us read and interpret our aura, after which our problems can then be identified and worked on.

There are people who are born with the gift to read aura, some develop this ability later in life. There exists different level of adeptness on reading aura. The ability to see the colors of the aura is most common. Those who are more skilled can see deeper into the energy field and accurately diagnose all the problems of that person.

One such person is energy field consultant Carol Dryer. Carol is a famous psychic and have a reputation of seeing the energy field and accurately diagnosing the problems of her clients. Her clients include many high net worth individuals such as celebrities, professionals and those in the scientific community. Carol's talent with the energy field is truly one of the best.

Another person gifted in reading aura is therapist and healer Dr. Barbara Brennan. She was a former NASA physicist and also an expert in the human energy field. She too is known to be able to diagnose problems of her client accurately. Dr. Brennan is a well known and gifted healer and I will mention more about her below.

Energy Healing

Energy healing has existed for thousands of years and will soon become one of the leading medical industries in modern times. The concept that our body contains layers of energy can be found in Indian medicine Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. In the healing process given by a gifted healer, it is often the case that energy healing and aura reading work hand in hand.

When a person is ill, the root problem is very often due to the energy field of the person being disturbed perhaps due to reasons such as improper diet, harboring negative emotions and many other reasons. When symptoms have been communicated across to the healer, root problems can be identified and energy healing can be initiated to begin the healing process by removing the disturbances on the energy field to allow the energy to flow smoothly throughout the body again.

Energy healing is spiritual in nature as the energy is drawn from the divine source within us. The procedure usually involves the giving of energy from the healer to the client by contact. Therefore it is crucial that the healer's health and energy field be in optimal condition in order for the task to be carried out effectively.

In the East, energy healing is known as "Reiki" sometimes "Usui Reiki". It was created by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. It is known that anyone can use healing energy by a simple activation process and eventually be able to use the ability for life.

The energy supply is unlimited and do not need to be charged. It can also be used on self. The concept is that this energy is drawn from divine source or in another word, the cosmos, which perhaps is related to our chakra system. The video below is a brief explanation on Reiki.

As energy healing is a divine and spiritual form of healing, it is able to cure any form of illnesses including those that conventional science is unable to cure such as cancer. Please note that I am not saying all energy healers know how to cure all forms of illnesses. The notion is that everything is energy, including the human body. Any form of illness is a form of energy that is in a way out of harmony.

One of the several world renowned energy healers today is Dr. Barbara Brennan. She had many years of experience as a healer and had written a few books on energy healing. She had also established a school by the name of Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Below are two video clips about the school.

Energy healing can also be done at a distant anywhere in the world. It is called distant healing. It takes a person to be spiritually awakened to the truth or that one takes a leap of faith to try it out before one will believe in the possibility of distant healing.

We have to understand the truth that humans are multi-dimensional beings and that reality and dimensions other than our own exist. The energy will be worked through another dimension and to put it briefly, the feeling of distant healing at work would be similar to the sensation of a rush of energy circulating somewhere in the body. The effect can be very strong.

People are skeptical because drawing energy from divine source seems impossible to them as the concept seems out of the ordinary. However due to the current changing times, and the weakening of the control of the dark forces on the western medical industry and in other areas, more and more people are getting in touch with their divinity as well as growing more receptive to energy healing.

There are many energy healers now around the world but please exercise due diligence to verify that they are genuine if you decide to use the service of one.

Cases of miracle healing in the past are perhaps related to energy healing. These healing occur in a very short period of time, almost instantaneously and therefore seen as miracles. Usually what is known to be involved in the healing are prayers and faith. This is a reason why it is sometimes known as faith healing and is perhaps similar with the "Laying on of hands" concept in the western culture.

Other Healing Technique

There are many other kinds of healing techniques that fall into the alternative medicine category. One of which is developed by Dolores Cannon, a past-life regression therapist and hypnotherapist. She founded the quantum healing hypnosis technique, a very effective form of healing technique which involves higher spiritual power accessed through the subconscious. It is known to be able to cure any ailments. Dolores has workshops for people who are interested to learn her technique and it is conducted under her company Ozark Mountain Publishing Inc.


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