New Age of Aquarius:
More New Age Information

Here are some highly recommended links for awakening souls.

Wes Annac / Aquarius Channelings

2012 Indy Info

Channel Higher Self

I have given many links to other websites throughout this course that contain information or news about disclosure, changes, Ascension and the New Age. Below are a few more that will help you expand your understanding and give you more insight to the changes. Please use discernment to whatever information that comes to you.

Project Camelot. Project Avalon. These are two of the best places where you can find plenty of information from whistleblowers and also plenty of information pertaining to the changes that are occurring.

Project Camelot You Tube videos.

Project Avalon You Tube videos.

Divine Cosmos. This is the website of David Wilcock, the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, who is now at the forefront sharing with us information pertaining to Ascension and giving us insight to higher wisdom.

David Wilcock You Tube videos.

Lilou Mace webTV. This website contains hundreds of interviews that will open your eyes to the higher knowledge that other people had come to learn and experienced. You can feel the expansion of consciousness that have occurred with many people in different parts of the world and with it you can feel the changes that are happening in our era.

Lilou Mace You Tube videos.

Alex Jones' Infowars and Prisonplanet news channels. These are good places to get news that are mostly not covered by mainstream media.

Alex Jones' You Tube videos.

Russia Today. This is a news channel that provides less biased world news and gives latest breaking news that may be censored elsewhere.

Russia Today You Tube videos.

WikiLeaks. The information released by WikiLeaks is so powerful that it landed Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks into trouble. This act by the dark forces to go after WikiLeaks and Julian Assange is testimony to the fact that there are credentials to the information released by WikiLeaks. I will not be providing the link to WikiLeaks due to the possibility of changes to the link. You should be able to find it on the internet.


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