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  • To understand a little of what is going on behind the scientific community. Mainstream science resist to seriously look at irrefutable evidence presented on parapsychology.

  • To acknowledge that many scientific experts on parapsychology and people who have discovered unprecedented truths work independently from mainstream science. Their noble work is usually labeled by some as pseudoscience.

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Parapsychology and Pseudoscience

To summarize briefly, we have discussed the fact that our human body can perform feats that were thought to be impossible.

Our mind too can be activated, conditioned and trained to develop extrasensory perception and perhaps to learn many other forms of psychic abilities.

We can access the deep recesses of our subconscious to communicate and work with our soul by entering into a trance state through hypnosis or by using many other methods.

Parapsychology is a term that denotes the investigation and study of paranormal phenomena including all forms of psychic abilities. To have such a term in our literature does tell us certainly one thing. Paranormal activities have occurred and mainstream science is unable to determine their exact causes. This has become one of the reasons in which parapsychology has been categorized as pseudoscience.

The problem with our science is that it only accepts things that can be measured, can be explained using concepts and can be replicated in laboratories. It is very rigid and inflexible in its approach to accept the existence of certain phenomena.

There are many people, being curious to certain phenomenon, and perhaps as part of their life purpose, have studied them for a long time and found theories as well as obtained much evidence to prove and explain the concept of these paranormal phenomena.

But when these theories and evidence were presented to mainstream science for acknowledgement, they were always rejected stating their lack of evidence and these critical assessments often have no strong grounds to base their disapproval.

Instead of encouraging an open mind to look at findings on paranormal phenomena, there are groups of people out there disseminating bias ideas and expressing prejudices to these findings. It seems as though there is a force at work out there discouraging humanity to know, learn and understand information of a higher nature that will shed light to our spirituality, origin and potential power.


Here are some examples. Past lives and reincarnation have clearly been proven to exist by many experts but many scientists and religious leaders still do not believe them. People who are willing to look objectively at the work done by the experts will most certainly believe they are real.

Looking at this in a more scientific perspective, Dr. Ian Stevenson have done more than 40 years of research in the area of reincarnation and is now conclusive that the concept of reincarnation is one that is real.

Dr. Ian Stevenson was a biochemist, a professor of psychiatry and the head of the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia. His work involve over 3,000 childhood cases and these children, mostly between the age of two to four, are able to spontaneously recall details about their "other life".

During the interview with these children, they are often able to recall their previous name, names of people they know, the location and place that they lived, secret place where they hid their money, how they died and if they are murdered, whoever murdered them.

There are a few books written by Dr. Ian Stevenson on these subject such as Reincarnation and Biology Vol. 1-2 (1997), Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect (1997), Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation (2000) and European Cases of the Reincarnation Type (2003).

Tom Shroder, a newspaper journalist followed Dr. Ian Stevenson on trips to India and Lebanon to look at how Dr. Ian Stevenson conduct his research on children pertaining to reincarnation and to see for himself whether or not the findings from the methods used can be believed. His account was written in his book titled Old Souls (1999).

Spiritual Reality

Indigenous people have a rich culture that existed for many thousands of years. Our mainstream science, being controlled, does not say much about them and do not give serious considerations to the things they do such as their tribal dance, the hallucinogenic mushrooms they eat and the psychoactive beverage they drink.

There is more than meets the eye. These indigenous people do certain things so that they are able to experience altered state of consciousness. The indigenous people worldwide, including the Mayans and the Hopi Indians, live their life in harmony with nature and spirits and it is no surprise that they, especially the shamans, frequently visit the spirit world to learn about themselves, the world and the multi-dimensional universe.

If you visit them with utmost sincerity to learn from them, you will more or less find them telling you about spirits in the spirit realm.

With the acceptance on the existence of spirits and the spirit realm, it is perhaps logical to think that the hauntings and ghosts that have always existed in our literature are real.

That is at least a reasonable explanation to a paranormal phenomenon that most of us are afraid to explore. However, science always put such facts aside.

Ancient Civilizations

Here is an example on the area of archaeology which perhaps had been labeled by some as pseudoarchaeology which is also pseudoscience in general.

Many evidences have been discovered around the world the existence of underwater ancient ruins which origins dates back way before written history. If these findings were officially recognized, it will certainly make us rewrite our history books.

These ancient civilizations have been found under the water of southwest of Japan, various places around India, and also in areas around the Caribbean.

Despite the evidences that are found, mainstream archaeology refused to acknowledge them. They were totally uninterested in ancient ruins. They were only interested in shipwrecks and the treasures they contain. This unusual prejudice and biasness in face of such an important finding that will unravel the truth on the history of man, was truly astonishing.

The Collective Consciousness

One of the most important facts we need to know is the existence of a collective consciousness for the Human race.

The idea on the existence of a collective consciousness have been mentioned in Carl Jung's concept of the Collective Unconscious, however biologist Rupert Sheldrake is able to bring out this fact in a more scientific manner.

Rupert's idea of Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields was a breakthrough in which other paranormal phenomena such as telepathy can be explained and furthermore show that such phenomenon is actually a part of our reality.

In general, Rupert's work educates us on the fact that each kind of thing in nature has a collective memory. It is a pool of knowledge, or a kind of field, that contains everything that has been learned and will influence all that is of the same kind.

For example similar inventions, designs, ideas and thoughts can appear around the world at around the same time regardless of distance and without knowing the existence of the others that are similar because we have the ability to access this collective memory.

This field can create self-organizing systems and this can be identified in the behavior of bees, schools of fish or flocks of birds where movements of these living things are coordinated based on this higher intelligence or collective consciousness. If you look at the way a flock of bird flies, there is no way they have rehearsed their coordinated movement or that they flew in an organized manner based on external information.

The existence of a collective consciousness for humanity has been proven when studies have been conducted where a large group of meditators simply meditate for a period of 8 weeks and it reduced violent crimes in the region by over 20 percent. Alternative reasons for the reduction have been ruled out and this is solid evidence of how our minds can together influence society and our world.

Imagine everyone prayed for peace together just for a few minutes. What will happen to the world?

Unfortunately, the work of Rupert Sheldrake has been labeled as pseudoscience by some. This is not surprising as dark forces could be involved given the advantages and powers Rupert's work can give to humanity if officially recognized.

There are many such examples whereby work that explains higher truth are being obstructed and prevented from going mainstream and officially recognized. This is a part of the struggle that is currently going on as humanity gradually wakes up from its long slumber.

It becomes clear that there are forces, or you should know by now "dark forces" at work that wants to hide the truth about our true history, truth about our true potential, and knowledge of a higher nature from us so that we become ignorant of our spirituality, ignorant of our ancestry and render us no option but to continue dwell in a society that they have established control.

Who are these dark forces and why do they want to prevent us from knowing facts about ourselves? We shall discuss these questions in a later section.

Now, let's look at some of the psychic abilities that are known to man and how some of these abilities will reveal to us secrets, information and truth that only those in the know will know.


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