Occupy Wall Street

The Spirit of Revolution has finally showed itself in the United States!

The movement "Occupy Wall Street" (OWS) began on September 17 on Wall Street and it is still ongoing today. From a mere estimated 1000 people that started at the beginning, it has grown to more than 5000 people. Subsequent protests that started in other states were known to have been inspired by OWS.

I believe many people myself included have been waiting for this to happen for a long time. Some people have waited for this occurrence for a decade or more. This is it! This is the sign, the mark of the accelerating changes that is to come. I have talked a bit about this energy of rebellion in my Strikes! Demonstrations! Revolution! article in the past. This article will be a continuation to that.

There have been many strikes and protests that occurred in many different places throughout the world. But none is more important than the one that is currently happening in the US. This is because US is still the leader in the world economy and a change in its economic or financial system will certainly have great influence on other nations throughout the world.

There is even information that says the marines and other war veterans are joining the protests.

If seen in a bigger perspective, OWS is a major historic moment in the history of mankind. Other historic moments are those that happened in Tunisia and Egypt.

I am sure OWS is significant because it is happening in the time of the prophecy where the old system that is based on manipulation and deceit will be replaced by the new where freedom, equality, justice etc. prevails!

The OWS occurrence is in a way a confirmation that the prophecy pertaining to the Ascension of our planet and the awakening of humanity is real! There will certainly be more sensational news to come. Looking forward to disclosure!

Here is the OWS Timeline.

Here are some videos on OWS.

More videos on OWS.


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