Psychic Powers



  • To be familiar with psychic phenomena.

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Psychokinesis or Telekinesis

Perhaps one of the most interesting of all psychic abilities is psychokinesis, also known as telekinesis. It is the ability to manipulate matter, energy, space and time. What comes to mind is making an object float and fly around or creating something out of thin air. I would categorize levitation, teleportation and bilocation under this heading as well.

Some magicians are able to do something they do such as creating something out of thin air is because they have the ability of psychokinesis. They are confident enough to become a magician because they are aware of their extraordinary ability and have learned to master their use. I am not saying that all magicians have this ability, some truly use clever tricks.

We are all amazed by psychic phenomena because we know too little about psychic powers and many of us have almost never encounter a psychic phenomenon or that maybe we did but never think much about it.

One simple form of telekinesis that we hear often is spoon bending. Below is an excellent video demonstration.

Note how casual it is done with the mind. This is very real. People are skeptical about this because our beliefs about the reality that we know are being affected. My work here is to help you understand such things better so that many of those phenomena will make more sense to you.

Know that dark forces, wanting to prevent you from regaining your spiritual power, will do all their best to multiply your skepticism of such things and through the use of agents, they will discredit such demonstrations or the people involved. They can easily accomplish such things by manipulating the media they control with money. But they will not go to the extreme and risk exposing themselves. Once they accomplish their objectives, they will usually let things be.

Creating something out of thin air, also called materialization, is possible too. Such ability is harder to accomplish as it requires our mind to have certain kind of control over matter, energy, space and time. I believe that to attain such a feat requires the soul to be highly spiritually evolved.

You have to watch this video of Lu Chen. Maybe this is a demonstration of matter, energy and space manipulation at work. You do not need to understand what was said. Perhaps you can pay attention to the expression on their faces. It is so funny. =D

The holy man of our time, Sathya Sai Baba, is one of the best examples of a person who can perform materialization. He is also known to be able to levitate, bilocate and teleport. Below is a video that shows him performing materialization in the public. He is a loving, kind and generous man.

Note the many groundless skepticisms, criticisms and accusations of Sathya Sai Baba. As a real holy man, dark forces are desperate to bring down his credentials. There are many good testimonies of Sathya Sai Baba by people whose lives he have helped improve and transform. They can be found on the internet. A few good books have also been written about him and for him. They are titled "The Ultimate Experience" and "The Christ of our Days".

Astral projection

One of the more common forms of psychic abilities or psychic powers experienced by people is in the form of astral travel. What is astral projection or in another word astral travel?

It is a situation whereby our consciousness together with our astral body, which is also referred to as our subtle body or sometimes etheric body, leaves our physical body to travel around in our world, or to other astral planes, spirit realms, other dimensions and even through time.

Astral projection is a general term that includes other similar phenomena such as out of body experience (OBE), near death experience (NDE) and also include certain altered states of consciousness (ASC).

When one is in such a state, usually they will feel that they are outside of their physical body and the sensation is very real. They will be able to move around in different kind of realms by thinking where they want to go.

However, people who have just discovered astral travel for the first time usually do not know where they are and how to move about between places. It usually takes some time to learn to astral travel by will and to direct themselves to the places they want to go.

People experiencing their consciousness out of their body for the first few times without knowing what is going on, is generally known as out of body experience.

The interesting thing about astral travel is the possibility of meeting up with other travellers and to communicate with them. As such, information can be shared and many things can be learned. Amazingly, one will usually encounter spirits, extraterrestrials, angels and other beings.

Astral travel is commonly found in religious scriptures of the east such as Buddhism and Hinduism. It is a form of spiritual progress to be able to travel around the planes and realms to learn and obtain information of a higher nature.

There are descriptions of realms that one is able to go and they can be found in religious scriptures. If you encounter senior Tibetan monks, many of them will be able to tell you much more about astral projection. It is good to know that in the past, without technology, one is able to astral travel simply by meditation.

Near Death Experience

Near death experience is also considered a form of astral projection. What happens is that when a man is dying, he will find himself standing beside or floating on top of their body looking at themselves and whatever is happening in the vicinity of their body.

After a while, he realized that he is entering or crossing a medium such as a tunnel, a body of water or stairs to arrive at a beautiful world full of light where he is greeted by deceased relatives or spirits. Soon after, he will be standing in front of a being of light that emits a great aura of love and compassion.

The being will conduct a life review with the person by allowing him or her to experience a playback of his or her life. To have made it back to the physical world means that the being would have told the person that his or her time is not up yet and will facilitate the return back to the physical world. It would then appear that an almost dead person has returned back to life.


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