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Questions and Answers



  • To finally be able to better understand the answers to the questions given earlier in the course, after going through the whole course.

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Questions and Answers

This is just to inform you that in order for you to understand better what is written here, please go through the awakening course from the beginning.

We have come to the final part of the awakening course. Do you still remember the questions that I brought up at the beginning of the course? We now have a better understanding of the truth in which serve as the basis to answering these questions.

Why are there increasing rate of natural disasters in our world?

Our dear mother Earth, Gaia, is undergoing a transformation process to ascend to the higher dimension. During this time, Gaia has to cleanse her body and release the negative energy that is in her body. This is one of the reasons why there has been an increase in disasters during the last few decades onwards.

Our entry into the photon belt and the close proximity to Planet X, also known as Nibiru can also be filed under this category, which in general relates to changes of celestial bodies resulting in disasters on Earth. Note that Nibiru has its own path of orbit of approximately 3,600 years around the sun and will simply pass by Earth.

The Galactic Federation is working closely with Gaia to ensure natural disasters cause as little harm as possible to people living in the vicinity. However, the dark forces are able to take advantage of this opportunity to create havoc by intensifying the disaster and directing them towards establishments. Most of the time, the forces of light stepped in to counter this attack. An example is Hurricane Earl.

There exists technology whereby disasters can be created artificially to achieve dark purposes such as in politics. Examples would be the earthquake of Haiti and Chile. Hurricanes and severe weather conditions such as snow can also be created. The forces of light cannot interfere with some of these disasters because it is related to Karma and has to be allowed to happen.

What is the main cause behind the extreme climate conditions around the world?

Sometime near the end of 2009, NASA acting under the influence of the dark forces nuked the moon under the pretend that they were looking for water. They were actually bombing bases that belonged to the Galactic Federation.

The impact of the bomb was so huge that it wobbles the moon and places it a little out of orbit. The resultant changes in the gravitational field caused extreme weather and climate conditions that are out of the norm to occur on Earth.

Other than due to the moon being out of orbit, extreme weather conditions were also created by weather control technology from different factions or nations to achieve different purposes.

Check out this link pertaining to the bombing of the moon.

How true are the prophecies and predictions about 2012 that are circulating around?

Many times rumors and conspiracies pertaining to strange events had their origin in the truth but they were corrupted, manipulated, and sometimes covered up by dark forces that do not want you to know the truth.

Even many myths and legends that appear unrealistic have elements of truth in it. The minds of humans have largely been influenced through social conditioning to remain ignorant to truths that are of spiritual in nature or that are out of the ordinary. Together with the deceptions and lies perpetuated through the media by the dark forces, many people remained largely unaware of what is happening.

If you have gone through the whole awakening course, you should know by now that those prophecies and predictions are true in general but it is certainly not the end of the world.

This link here gives you detailed information pertaining to 2012 by Cosmic Awareness.

Do aliens exist or a better question would be has humanity come into contact with aliens?

You bet. Humanity's origin is extraterrestrial by nature and much of humanity's history is influenced by extraterrestrial one way or another. The United States is famous for its contact with extraterrestrials and it is not without basis. There are plenty of cases pertaining to UFO abductions and there are many reported cases of encounter with Grey aliens, be it tall ones or small ones.

The Roswell incident is real and very much of humanity has been manipulated and controlled by negative and self-serving extraterrestrials.

Many souls on Earth now in a human body are of extraterrestrial origin. They incarnated here on Earth for the first time from another system or that they were from a higher dimension and they incarnated here on Earth specifically for this special period of time.

Most of these people from the Galactic Federation are here to help humanity during this crucial period of time and many of them are often contactees of the civilization of their origin. There are also observers from other civilizations in the galaxy who can shape-shift to take on human forms.

Other intelligent life forms exist that may or may not be humanoid in nature living on Earth. Some of them live in deep underground caverns, some in deep underwater bases, many in the Hollow Earth and most of the time these civilizations are in another dimension from which we cannot see. We are able to know some of them through channeling information and there are people who have visited some of these civilizations.

Here are some evidence that proves aliens exist.

What causes money to become the dominant purpose in our lives?

Capitalism is the dominant running system on Earth and has stretched its influence throughout the world. We can see that a phase of economic depression can have a drastic impact on many levels in most of the nations.

The dark forces introduced this similar system used in the Orion Empire to gradually assimilate control by first using wealth through corporations including banks and eventually by technology to tag and account for everyone into a super computer system.

Here is a good example, imagine hard cash has been made redundant and everyone uses credit cards or similar cashless credit system. Whatever you buy or sell every single transaction that you made and any amount of money that you earned will be recorded in the bank and can be monitored by anyone in control. Essentially your livelihood will have to depend on the banks.

Now, imagine that gradually, those in authority dictate that there are things that you can buy and there are things that you can't because of some made up reasonable sounding reasons, the freedom of humanity will be gone.

Unless everyone rises up, humans will be controlled like herds in a farm. This is what the New World Order is all about. This is what those big powerful multinational banks are all about. It is about control.

Here is an important point, what the dark forces are afraid of is when people got in touch with their spiritual nature and began to understand the forces behind the scene and know of existence outside the third dimension, they will want to be free of this prison planet.

A few people leaving third dimension Earth is fine, but we are now in a process where the whole of humanity is given the opportunity to ascend. The dark forces are desperate to keep their power and are doing what they can to keep humanity busy and ignorant about spirituality and Ascension.

To achieve this purpose of control, our society was first made to emphasize on wealth and the livelihood of man is made to be dependent on money. Without money the standard of living of a person is greatly affected.

Those in third world countries as well as those in some other places have to struggle in order to survive and to maintain a reasonable standard of living. They simply do not have the mental and emotional capacity to explore and learn other things such as the truth about their own spirituality.

Competition is encouraged so that everyone especially those in developed nations will want to put in all their effort into the system and neglect the spiritual aspect of their self. The dark forces have planned this thoroughly on how humans should spend their energy. The use of the superiority and inferiority system is a powerful psychological tool to control humanity.

The negative emotions that people produced such as anxiety, anger, hatred, jealousy, depression, fear etc. that are as a result of the working of this system of society, will be fed upon by the dark forces on the fourth astral dimension. The dark forces certainly know how to calculate and benefit from all their undertakings.

If you realize, there are always war and strife going on somewhere in the world ever since World War II and that there will be economic recessions every now and then. The dark forces engineered them and they benefitted greatly from this on many levels especially in terms of wealth. Wealth in the modern society that they created is control and power.

All the systems they created were to eventually lead to their agenda of world domination through the New World Order. But it is not going to happen.

What exactly is the purpose of life?

The journey of the soul is to learn and to evolve and eventually be enlightened enough to merge back with the source, the All-That-Is, God.

The experience gained from the lifetimes on Earth is very much coveted because generally, when one is incarnated, he or she has no recall of their true spiritual identity, they do not have all the knowledge that a being of the higher dimensions are privileged to have.

Before a soul incarnates on Earth, it will plan its journey based on the theme in which the soul wishes to learn. Major events are inserted into the various stages of the soul incarnation, for example certain events are made to occur at certain age, and contracts are made with Spirit Guides as well as with other souls. Karma is also taken into account.

So from here, we can see why certain events happen to certain people and the world is not a fair place. It is the reason why each person has their own strengths and weaknesses, the advantages and disadvantages that each life has. Nothing is coincidence. Everything happens for a reason and very much is based on karma and the soul.

We have the freewill to choose what we do and it will adjust our Karma based exactly on what we do.

That is why doing good matters. That is why virtue matters. That is why helping one another matters. If not, why not just go on a sinner's journey to murder, steal, cheat and lie? Because deep down, we know that is not right. For most of us that is.

In general the purpose of life is to clear our Karma debt, to learn what our soul intended for us to learn and to accomplish the purpose it had set out to do. Once it's done we shall enter the next stage of our evolution which would include the choice to leave the physical third dimension of Earth for good.

The current ascension process is for this purpose, for souls to ascend on a mass scale.

There are other perspectives on the purpose of life. However, the essential meaning is the same, only the perspective is different.

For example, it can be said that the purpose of life is to learn to love, because everything is love. The love here is not the mushy love, but that which is known as unconditional love, a term we often encounter in channeled messages.

Unconditional love is the main theme of the universe and is a very powerful energy. The auras of higher beings are known to be able to emit this form of love and one can clearly feel it from a distance. One can also feel it when channeling higher beings.

Another way of putting it is that the purpose of our life is for us to remember our spiritual aspect and connect with our higher self, allowing the higher self to have direct access to this physical plane, and therefore having mastery over this plane through us. It is like attaining enlightenment, becoming one with Christ Consciousness.

When a person has attained a level of spiritual wisdom, he or she can define his or her own definition on the purpose of life. The core idea of the definition will essentially be the same with those that are defined by other highly evolved souls.

One will sense great joy when they are in touch with their spirituality. In my opinion, that is what true happiness is all about.

Why are there so many people, after they are well into their careers ended up with mid-career crisis?

When we are conditioned by our society and are distracted by our routines, it becomes difficult for our higher self and our spirit guides to guide us. We become insensitive to the guidance that is given to us.

As we get very much into our career, we realize that we are not happy. We do not feel satisfied. The feeling of accomplishment is shallow and empty. There is this feeling that something is missing in life.

Mid-career crisis happen because when a person first decided on his or her career, it is based on social systems, social conformity, based on peer expectations, based on market factors or based on the expectations of his or her parents. It is not based on what the person is passionate about deep down, not based on what the soul wants. It is more of a decision to satisfy the ego, to support the ego that is based on how others will look at him or her. Therefore after sometime into the career, the person will feel he or she had enough. This is usually accompanied by the feeling of tiredness or even depression.

There are activities that a person is passionate about. This would be different for each individual. People need to look deep into them self and find their passion. When they are engaged in such an activity, it would be like play to them instead of work. They would feel excited about it and time will seem to pass by without their knowing. When one can make their passion their lifework that is when they are aligned to their soul's desire and abundance will come.

The crisis can also be a time when our soul nudges us to reevaluate our lives, to learn certain lessons or to begin involvement in things that are spiritual in nature. This may be the time when the soul wants the person to align more to the soul's intended path.

Is it possible that our society be transformed to one where we do not need to worry about money and survival needs?

It is definitely possible as we have the help from the Galactic Federation and the forces of light. The NESARA is designed to facilitate this transformation, to disseminate abundance to every region on Earth and it has been delayed by the dark forces.

As part of the changes on Earth, money will gradually play a lesser role throughout a period of time and eventually it will no longer be used. Survival will certainly not become a concern and people will be free to explore and utilize their creativity in any way they want.

The allies of the Galactic Federation on Earth are doing what they can to bring about the abundance program. After changes began, Earth will gradually become a paradise.

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