New Age of Aquarius:
Reptilian Agenda - New World Order



  • To understand the agenda of negative ETs.

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Why Earth?

The Orion Empire and the Reptoid Federation have an agenda of conquest and domination. This has become a severe threat to the Galaxy and to the Galactic Federation of Light. As above so below, as below so above. As such, we have an ongoing galactic war and Earth is a part of it.

Earth is in a strategic location and can serve as an outpost for the Orion Empire to further their conquest on nearby systems. The water and minerals on Earth are also seen as valuable resources for them. Unsurprisingly, The Orion Empire claimed Earth as theirs. Humans are simply seen as their property and a potential force for menial work. However, their only problem now is controlling the planet.

The Galactic Federation of Light does not see Earth as belonging to the Orions but which belongs to the Earth Humans. Together with the changing times due to celestial cycles, Earth is now facing a struggle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. What went on behind the scene on Earth and its vicinity is another kind of story.

Reptilian Agenda

The Reptilian agenda or the agenda of the dark forces is simply one of control, one towards world domination. They are already among us, managing the planet, controlling and manipulating various groups of human. They can only do it in a slow and gradual process for they cannot afford us humans to notice them and perceive them as a threat.

They intend to create a New World Order (NWO) by manipulation and deception including the use of the financial system which they have created. With the New World Order comes the power to dominate everything on this planet.

Their activities might seem like a slow and gradual process to us but one short human lifetime is insignificant to the extraterrestrials. Therefore they appear to have plenty of patience.

Control Tactics

One of their favorite tactics as mentioned by David Icke is the problem reaction solution tactic where they create a problem that appears to be a genuine problem and one which will cause public reaction, a reaction that demands a solution be worked out to solve the problem. A prepared solution will then be given which might help solve the problem but at the same time work in the interest of the dark forces.

For example in a recent attempt to control humans and to depopulate Earth, the Dark Cabals engineered the swine flu and have it announced in the media that it could cause an epidemic. People began to fear and asked for a solution to the problem. A vaccine was developed but unbeknownst to most of the people, the vaccine was infused with nanotechnology.

This nanotechnology when inserted into the human body allows some kind of mind control or influence by the controller. The vaccine is also made with the agenda of depopulation in mind. Note the cases of paralysis that happened when the vaccine was taken by some people.

Thanks to the Galactic Federation of Light, much of this nanotechnology had been neutralized. This had resulted in the recall of many of these vaccines. The Dark Cabals decided it is not worth their money to continue give out these vaccines anymore and have them recalled. There was plenty of news about the recall of the vaccine.

If you do not believe in the involvement of the Galactic Federation of Light, ask yourself this question, how can the strength of the vaccine be suddenly reduced as was stated for the reason of the recall?

There are professionals who have found out the truth about vaccines. A good example is findings done by Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D. regarding vaccination in the past.

The vaccine story did not end here. In 2010, Dark Cabals plan to have the depopulation agenda through vaccine accepted by humans. Read the Bill Gates and vaccine depopulation article here.

The basis for the outright depopulation propaganda is due to carbon emission which leads to global warming, however global warming is a farce created by the Dark Cabals themselves. The greenhouse gas theory is not even valid. I will talk about global warming in a later section.

The global warming and depopulation through vaccine campaign is another good example of the problem reaction solution tactic. How could we support an agenda of depopulation where there is no basic morality to it? Now that you know what vaccines can do, are you going to get vaccinated? Are you going to mislead and force other people to get vaccinated?

Humans are seen as fools in the mind of these negative ETs.


The good news is as beings of a dark nature, all the different Reptilian ruling families wish to be in control. Therefore there appears to be conflict among them. This will help prevent them from having a united front against the forces of light and their plans will all be delayed and be jeopardized, unable to act in a timely manner.

It is easy to control millions of people, or perhaps a few hundred millions. But to exercise ultimate control over billions of people without exposing themselves is extremely difficult.

Therefore they decided to reduce the human population. They do intend and have the means to depopulate the human populations rapidly such as by nuclear weapons. But all nuclear weapons in use have been neutralized by the Galactic Federation of Light. You notice there has never been any successful use of nuclear weapons on humans ever since the atomic bomb was used in world war two.

Remember the news on CNN about UFOs disarming nuclear weapons which I showed you in an earlier section?

The Cabals, having difficulty to depopulate the Earth outright, will certainly adopt other means such as by creating wars, the use of disease, weather controlled disasters, chemtrails, vaccination, by controlling water supply, poisoning water supply, controlling food supply and poisoning the food we eat with chemicals and genetic modification etc. We will look further into these in a later section.

Another problem for the dark forces is that humans are getting more and more intelligent with the coming of each new generation. This will accelerate the risk of the Dark Cabals being exposed which is what is happening right now.

Some of the methods mentioned above are also used to dump down our intelligence, numb our awareness, make us live more like zombies so that we continue live our life going after material wealth, continue to live under manipulation, unaware of the control behind the scene and not believing in the truth when the truth is presented right in front of us.

The biggest problems the Dark Cabals are having in the political landscape are the Chinese. The leaders in China are aware of the presence of the Dark Cabals and have always resisted and prevented as much as possible influence from the west in their country. The Chinese even have the power to confront the Dark Cabals directly and this is exactly what is happening now.

The Chinese, together with Russia, India and a few other countries are allies of the Galactic Federation of Light and are doing as much as possible to prevent the world domination agenda of the Dark Cabals.

Next, let's look at how the dark forces influence us to achieve world domination and the findings we have about their activities.


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