The Reptilians



  • To have a better understanding of the Reptilians and the nature of the dark forces.

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Reptilians - Where Are They?

There are Reptilians and those from the Orion residing in many different places in our solar system. These places include Mars, our moon, in underground bases or caverns on Earth and also on spaceships in the vicinity of Earth.

Unlike in the past, the Reptilians do not want to reveal their presence to humans so that they can manipulate us in the dark without us figuring who is truly behind it all.

Even though they have bases in the underground of Earth, many of the Reptilians prefer to live in the lower planes of the 4th dimension that is nearest to our physical plane which is the 3rd dimension. They like it there because that plane has a frequency that is more in tune with the nature of their being.

There are also many Reptilians in the disguise of human form.

For more information about the 4th dimension, please visit this website.

We humans can astral travel to that dimension but it is dangerous without protection. It appears the Reptilians have technology to allow them to go there.

Note that the subspace mentioned by Courtney Brown in his books was most probably referring to the lower planes of the 4th dimension where life is quite similar to our physical 3rd dimension and that war can still be made and death still occur.


The Reptilians have the ability to clone bodies, those of their own as well as those that are human. They can possess human bodies that have compatible Reptilian bloodline.

Since ancient times, they have declared themselves Gods of the human population and have interbred with humans to create these bloodlines or hybrids to allow them to facilitate control among the human population.

Depending on the genetics of the hybrid, one that is more towards the Reptilian side will produce a physical body that look Reptilian. In order to look more human, they need the hormones in the human blood to shape shift and to maintain the human form.

The Reptilians also have holographic technology where they wear this technology somewhere on their body to change their appearance to look like humans.

Many of the world leaders and especially those taking leadership positions in the United States are reptilians in disguise in a human body either by shape shifting or by holographic technology. They are known as Dark Cabals or the Powers That Be. The disguise can include leadership positions in all kinds of industry, especially in the banks, all over the world.

Recently, many people have witnessed reptile characteristics appearing on human body. Some cases are when the eyes looked like slits instead of being circular. There are also cases where parts of the body turned scaly such as in the facial area. Other situations include noticing people with webbed feet.

You can find plenty of information on the internet when you search the words "reptilian shapeshifter".

The main reason why we are able to see Reptilians shape shifting on people is because the Earth now is slowly moving into the 5th dimension. Their ability to maintain the human form is failing. The reptilians understood the disadvantageous position they are in and perhaps are frantic about it.

There are many other shape shifting occurrences that have been captured and posted on you tube. Beware that some are fake and meant to exaggerate the idea and makes you think all these are fabricated.


The nature and existence of satanic rituals that we know about in human literature has finally been demystified. We have always wondered what kind of people will conduct such a thing. Well, they are masterminded by the Reptilians who are evil by nature. This all makes perfect sense.

There are a few kinds of rituals, mainly they are for feasting and one is for summoning dark beings from the lower planes to obtain information. The symbol that is used on the floor is for preventing the dark beings from getting loose onto this plane.

From Arizona Wilder, a mother goddess used in the satanic rituals whom the Reptilians have lost control, mentioned that one reason increasing numbers of rituals have been conducted since the 1980s was because the Reptilians are losing their ability to maintain their human form and the blood of terrorized victims will help alleviate the problem to some extent.

Food and Pleasure

The Reptilians have regarded humans as a form of food source just like the way we consume meat, without feelings of cruelty and having used to it. Additionally, they enjoy the sensation similar to taking drugs such as heroine when they drink blood that has certain hormones secreted by terrorizing their victims before killing. It is the same with the fluids of our brain and they consider our pituitary and pineal glands a delicacy.

This is unsurprisingly the true face of evil. Think of it as a predator and prey concept and bring up the courage within you to face the truth.

The Reptilians prefer consuming children because children are less contaminated with chemical substances derived from food or other means in the body. That explains the limited action taken on situations of missing children in the history of the United States. Many children have been taken from third world countries too where it is easy not to register a child at birth.

They enjoy the sexual pleasure of raping children and this explains a few of the pedophile cases of well known people with power over people. They are Reptilians in disguise. There were many of them at the Pentagon. Watch this news.

Other than being used as a source of food, the Reptilians feed off the negative energies of our body at the lower 4th dimension. They especially like the emotion of fear, hatred, anger and jealousy that we have in our body which is emitted as a form of vibration in the lower dimension. That is one reason why they like to manipulate humans to fight against one another in wars.


The management structure of the Reptilians is what we are used to. It is based on a hierarchy like a pyramid with different classes or caste with the top few dominating those below just like what we have in the military. Those below who do not obey will be punished.

Reptilians high up in the hierarchy are what they call Royalty and usually look different from those below who served them. It seems those with higher authority have wings attached to their shoulders and have tails that are bigger and longer, the image would be similar to the classical dragon used in certain heraldry and crest.

The ranking structure of those dark forces on Earth would be the Reptilians on the top, follow by the Orion Greys and lastly the small Greys known as the Zeta Reticuli which serves as a form of mercenary and they also do all the dirty work such as abductions.

Perhaps in the eye of these negative ETs, humans are at the bottom of their pyramid hierarchy, serving their needs. The numbers of these negative ETs are few when compared to the whole human population. To make up for this weakness, they have implemented many human mind control programs and have set up implants. More on these will be discussed in a later section.

Do Not Be Afraid

Naturally you will feel fear when you come to know all these for the first time. There is no need to feel afraid or fear. Know that it is part of their nature and what they do to induce fear. Bring out the courage within you and know that you are safe and that you are being protected by your higher self.

It is part of the plan by the soul for some people to experience encounters with dark forces or be involved with their activities. Therefore there is no reason to be afraid unnecessarily. Believe that you are safe. Experience joy and love and it will help to raise your vibration and those around you.

It is important that you expand your awareness, expand your consciousness and continuously seek to know the truth so that you are aware of the events surrounding you, enabling you to have the ability to see through the deception and lies that you have been led to believe.

Next, let's look at the agenda of the dark forces.


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