New Age of Aquarius:
Revelation of God



  • To better understand God and life.

  • As part of the graduation of the course, to introduce you to information given by Cosmic Awareness.

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The Cosmic Consciousness, Prime Creator, Creator God

There is no doubt that Courtney Brown experienced God one way or another. He included his remote viewing experiences and view of God in a specific chapter in his book Cosmic Voyage.

We now have a consistent idea on God from various independent sources. From the information that I have gathered, here is what I have learned on God.

God is not an entity, but is everything. God has been called the All-That-Is and many other names. Everything is a part of God and when someone communicates with God, God can be referred to as a form of Cosmic Consciousness. All souls regardless of them being from the light or from the dark are part of God and are separated from God in order to experience, learn and evolve.

There are many people now who have the ability to communicate and get in touch with their Higher Self and God. Humans are multi-dimensional beings and the Higher Self is the aspect of us in the higher dimension.

More and more people are aware that God is within and these are the times when we learn to link back to the source if we so desire.

When God became aware of itself, it knew itself but it did not understand itself because there was no context for God to compare itself with. This is when the splitting of consciousness began as God seeks to understand itself. This is when souls were born.

Souls are aspects of God and their purpose is to learn, to experience and to evolve just as God seeks to understand and appreciate itself. When the soul has evolved to a certain extent, it will return and merge back with God, the source, the All-That-Is.

Pain and suffering is a part of the learning of the soul. Each time that a soul incarnate, there is a theme in which the soul desires to experience, to learn or to overcome.

Imagine a paradise that has everything that you need and almost anything that you want without worries of survival. You are bound to have no worries, pain, suffering or any forms of negative experience. Such a paradise will naturally be taken for granted and not much can be learned from such a perfect situation.

When an incarnated soul learned to love unconditionally, learned to forgive and had progressed spiritually, it will be able to have a greater appreciation of itself as a being of light and of its oneness with God.

All along, incarnating as humans on Earth is risky because there is a veil that covers the mind and makes one forgets who one truly is, forgets its spiritual connection to the source and forgets its purpose for incarnation. There is the possibility that one never remembers his or her identity as a light being during a lifetime and fall into darkness or cycle of reincarnations for lengthy periods of time. It can be said that it is one of the reasons why the experience gained by living as a human on Earth is invaluable.

What is truly special is living in a time of Ascension. It is known from channeling sources that many souls are vying to be incarnated on Earth during this time and only those who are stronger in the light are given priority.

The dark forces are a part of the design of God. Lucifer and the fallen angels are beings of light who had volunteered to partake in an experiment in which they have to forget their connection with the source, with God. They then inhabit in realities where the law of duality and polarity exist. These are the lower dimensions.

In the lower dimensions and planes of existence, they are given free will to do as they like. The 3rd dimension of Earth, the physical reality is a place where the forces of darkness roam free.

However, these are extraordinary times where dark energy is to be transmuted to one of the light, where souls that have evolved sufficiently will graduate and return to the higher dimensions. If we take into account the multi-dimensional aspects of our reality, everything is really about the evolution of the soul. This by itself is another story.

There is a limit to what God wants to do because in general God do not want to interfere with the free will of any entities. But God is now here to help us in many ways, one of which is by enlightening us with information and the truth for us to make the changes mainly by ourselves as humans, instead of God making instantaneous changes on our behalf.

We have come to near the end of the awakening course and as part of the graduation I would like to introduce you to Cosmic Awareness Communications. Cosmic Awareness is God who is here to help humanity during this ascension process. Cosmic Awareness Communications is an organization founded since 1972 in the State of Washington.

The organization mainly provides channeled information of Cosmic Awareness for members through newsletter publications and it also sells other miscellaneous products and provides various services.

Cosmic Awareness is able to come through a channeler by stepping down the frequency and in which the channeler have to reach up to attune with Cosmic Awareness. The channeler who is adept at channeling Cosmic Awareness is also known as the interpreter. Know that interpretation problems that arise from an ordinary channeling session can still apply.

Here is an excerpt from Cosmic Awareness "This Awareness asks entities not to believe anything, but to look carefully at everything and to discern carefully what appears to be, yet to make up their minds about nothing, but to continue to search, to remain open to discovery, to remain in that state of "I don't know". For in that state, you cannot be closed to further learning and you will remain open to discovery without pre-judging anything."

In order to recognize Cosmic Awareness, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with Cosmic Awareness by reading the newsletter. You need to decide for yourself if the information resonates with you. It only requires you to spend some time and once you have truly recognized Cosmic Awareness, it can be one of the best moments of your life.

Most of the monthly newsletter of Cosmic Awareness from 1975 onwards can now be accessed online or downloaded for FREE at this website.

The website in the link above also provides plenty of other information.

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If you feel that you are ready for higher consciousness information, here are two highly recommended books from Cosmic Awareness which you can read for FREE.

We have now come to the conclusion of the course. Let's now finally look at the answers to the questions that were posted earlier in the course.


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