New Age of Aquarius:
Scientific Development



  • We need to be reminded of the fact that the acceleration of the development in our technology has been unprecedented in recorded history.

  • We need to ask ourselves these questions, will we be able to harness advance level of technology without destroying ourselves? Is there more to spirituality than what we currently know? Is it possible that science and spirituality go hand in hand in light of the discoveries of quantum physics?

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Scientific Development

Humanity had progressed rapidly in these last few centuries and the discoveries and technologies of today were just dreams of the past.

As science continues to progress, more discoveries would be made and today's dreams are possibilities of the future. In a way, today's fiction is tomorrow's reality. In the past, people thought it not possible to fly. But we made it. Going out into space too were once thought to be impossible. But we again made it.

Therefore the saying goes that whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve. Nothing is impossible, that is, without including the time factor.

Just like in the past when it was discovered that the world is round instead of flat, we no doubt too will have similar situations whereby our current beliefs are challenged causing a paradigm shift.

We should learn to accept things with an open mind and when we encounter a claim that is initially hard to believe, it would be more appropriate to search for evidence to substantiate the claim instead of making a final judgment based on preconceived beliefs or ideas that we might have thought all along to be true.

Despite all the scientific discoveries and progress, there are still mysteries that remain unsolved, which is normal in the course of scientific progress. However, we have reached a stage whereby if we found the answers to some these questions, it will open the door for us to a whole new idea of reality, a new paradigm.


One of the greatest discoveries in recent history is the discovery of the presence of DNA in all living things. These are times when advances in science allow us to learn more about life. However, there are still many things about life that we still do not know and it poses many questions that remain unanswered.

One of these questions is the proposed notion of junk DNA in our genes. It consists of over 95% of our DNA and one starts to wonder what functions they serve. The word "junk" was used because scientist could not figure specifically and correctly the purpose of their use and have kind of thought them to be useless.

It is unsurprising to know that there is a large similarity when we compare the DNA of apes with those of humans, however it has been discovered that much of the human DNA is similar to that of the mice as well. This shows that there is a living intelligence in the universe which partakes in the grand scheme of creation and design of life.

The completed Human Genome Project was remarkable. However, in terms of understanding the roles and functions of the majority of the DNA in the genes, it remains largely incomplete.

The functions of these junk DNA are not apparent because scientists are unable to associate any uses with them. This perhaps implies that certain aspects of our abilities have been switched off for some reasons.

In our quest for understanding and knowledge, it seems it would only be logical in the next step to have studies done that involve human psychic abilities with junk DNA.

What is interesting here is that Dr Francis Crick, one of two co-discoverers of the structure of the DNA, found it impossible that the complexity of DNA could have evolved naturally. This gives rise to the idea of Panspermia, where origin of life is extraterrestrial in nature.

Is it possible then that the origin of our DNA is of extraterrestrial origin? If not, why not? How does one prove that the idea of Panspermia is impossible?

There are so many things relating to the human capability which the mainstream science has yet to understand. For example, much of how our brain works is still a mystery and there are many psychic phenomena that are still unexplained.

Our knowledge on DNA have contributed significantly to the activities of genetic engineering and cloning. However, our understanding in this area is only at the infant stage and I feel that it is much too early to commercialize genetically modified food, one of the recent developments in science, when not enough studies has been conducted on how this food will affect us in the long run.

It is not part of the plan to have a debate here on whether it is right or wrong to get our hands into playing with creations. In the perspective of the evolutionary advancement of the human race, it is only a natural tendency for us to learn whatever we can and open up possibilities that previously seem impossible.

The significance of me bringing up the topic of DNA is to share with you the notion that these are the times when we get to know more about DNA. However, it might or might not be from our mainstream science. It is known from various sources that it is possible for humans to have up to 12 strands of DNA as opposed to the 2 strands seen in the double helix.

It is also informative to know that there is the rumor that we only use approximately 10% of the potential of our Human brain. The number here might not be accurate, however it is true that the usage of our brain have not been fully utilized as is evident in the thriving industry that improves mind function.

Certainly, the Human body has much more potential than meets the eye. It is the motive of the dark forces to keep us ignorant of the powers we can wield and in fact, they fear that humanity becomes too powerful to remain to be controlled.

Science and Spirituality

Another major leap in the progress of science is in the field of quantum physics and it will continue to bring to the table more breakthroughs during the 21st century.

For those of us who are not scientifically inclined, Quantum physics also known as quantum mechanics as well as quantum theory, is known to us for its complicated math formulas and terminology. Quantum mechanics are very hard to understand. As such it is not popular among the masses.

As the concept of quantum physics are hard to grasp, it meant that few people knew what this particular field in science is trying to tell us.

Quantum mechanics originated when scientists realized that classical physics was unable to solve certain problems or explain certain phenomena. As such it illustrates the aspect of science that is trying to explain more complicated matters and is therefore important.

Another reason why it is important is because it tries to understand how matters work when it comes to dealing with things smaller than the atom. This includes mechanism at a subatomic level as well as things such as a photon of light and wave particle duality. These studies might unlock the secrets and truth to our reality.

In fact, in one way or the other, it already had. We are truly living in times when we begin to understand more about the workings of creation, our material universe and reality.

For instance, David Bohm, a famous quantum physicist found out that subatomic particles do not exist as separate entities in space time, but only exist when observed.

When not observed, they behave with the characteristics of a wave. Physicists are able to determine that because they have devised ways to determine the behavior of electrons when not being observed.

Bohm also observed that electrons are not scattered about like a group of unorganized crowd, but move about in coordination like a group of ballet dancers.

Subatomic particles are not at a specific location at one time and they showed that all points in space are equal to all other points in space. This discovery was termed to be known as "nonlocality". This eventually led to other very important discoveries for instance, the nature of our reality not being the way we thought it to be, but that it is simply a hologram, an illusion.

The most important discovery of all would be that everything is consciousness and all matters are made up of consciousness.

Our consciousness comes from one singular source and therefore we are not really separate like we thought we were but that we are all interconnected and are really one and the same, experiencing separation in this reality.

This aspect that studies consciousness and quantum mechanics or quantum physics is already well established and resources to learn about it can be found easily on the internet.

I am aware that you might not understand what was just mentioned, it was not intended to elaborate those points in this section. Let's just take it as it is first and as we move along, we might shed more light and you will be able to better understand these facts. If you understood what is going on here and feel excited about it, that's great! Keep up the excitement.


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