Scientific Discoveries



  • Be informed that there is life on Mars.

  • Scientific discoveries and progress suggests we are entering a new era, Space Age.

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For now, CERN, the European organization for Nuclear Research in a way, represents the progress of humanity in terms of our advancement in science. They have benefitted us with their research and discoveries and one notable mention would be the World Wide Web.

On a recent development, they have successfully constructed the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) which marks an important milestone on our quest to learn about matter, energy and the universe.

However, the use of such gargantuan research facility could prove dangerous especially when we have yet to understand the effects that those experiments will cause. Perhaps the original intent to the construction of such a large experiment is hidden and not what they claimed to be.

Improving our understanding of the universe by any means will serve as foundations to the development of other more advance technology and we can see that it is not too far away.

Life on Mars

Looking at humanity as a whole, it will make sense to benchmark our technological progress with our space programs. A technologically advanced civilization will be able to travel through space, to other systems that are light years away, and be able to make friends with other advanced civilizations just like what you see on TV or in the movies such as Star Trek and Star Wars.

However, it appears we have only just begun to discover the possibility of life in outer space. That reminds us of our expedition to Mars. The official announcement from NASA pertaining to the discovery of life on Mars was always a no. But, there are many indications to suggest that at least microorganisms exist on Mars.

The first most obvious hint is that water is present on Mars. They exist on the polar caps and in the atmosphere. The easy to see river beds, confirmed by Mars probe Mariner 9, including evidence of water erosion and fogs also suggest the presence of water on Mars.

As it is a fact that water supports life, therefore there is a high possibility that Mars contain life at least in the form of microorganisms.

On August 7th 1996, news made headlines where a famous Mars meteorite ALH84001 was confirmed by scientists to contain fossilized microscopic life. These two facts alone were sufficient to indicate that life, at least in the past, used to inhabit Mars.

Now, recent study has discovered large quantity of gas, such as Methane being released into the atmosphere on Mars.

On Earth, Methane mainly comes from rotting organic matter or from belching animals such as cows. They can also be given off by volcanoes. However, there haven't been any active volcanoes on Mars for millions of years.

There you have it! Now, there is enough evidence to suggest that life, at least microorganisms, inhabits Mars currently. Why do I use the word "at least"? Because I want to suggest to you that sentient beings, Martians, exist.

What? You must be thinking I am crazy... If microorganisms exist on Mars, why can't sentient beings too?

Let's keep an open mind and as we move along, I will show you information from another source that suggests they do exist. Getting interesting? =D For a start check out the video below.

What is the color of planet Mars? Red? There is evidence to suggest the colors on the photos of Mars shown to the public have been altered. Here are some websites that will provide you with such information.

Mars definitely have an atmosphere like Earth. Why do you think NASA deceived the public? Perhaps they are trying to protect some secrets? Perhaps NASA wants people to know that Mars is inhabitable so that colonization of Mars can be secretly carried out?


For all that we know our science is moving us quickly into the Space Age. Up till now, we're able to put man into space. Our probes already have the capability to travel far away from Earth. Perhaps someday soon, we might even colonize Mars. Or perhaps we already have?

Imagine what a Space Age civilization can do. Travelling through space in hyper drive or warp drive will render light years not so different than miles. Tractor beams allow the easy transportation of heavy loads. There is also the availability of Infinite energy resources. The use of teleportation makes travelling a breeze. There will be no pollution and minimal strife on Earth. Issues pertaining to health care and survival needs no longer exist. Perhaps we are already capable of some these feats that seem to only exist in science fiction?

Remember that today's dream or fiction could be tomorrow's reality. Just like our ability to clone, which seem to be impossible in the past, we are now able to do it in a way. Laser beams only exist as fiction in the past. Now we utilize them in all sorts of places be it in the medical field or warfare.

Perhaps we could even travel through time. Why are we so sure that it is not possible? Perhaps we have already been visited by time travelers?

On Earth, despite our current advancement in science, we still face problems on a global scale. The rich are getting richer, fine. But the poor are getting poorer. There are the natural disasters, extreme weather conditions and pollution.

Another worry is that there are predictions where there will be shortages of food around the world if all the factors that caused it continue as it is. There too seems to be endless war and strife going on somewhere in the world. Will there be a world war three? I seriously do not think so.

Will we ever see humanity progress to a whole new level of advancement similar to the Renaissance, or perhaps will we encounter another catastrophe to learn more about ourselves and the truth behind the scene before we are ready?


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