New Age of Aquarius:
The Beginning to Spiritual Awakening



  • To begin our path to spiritual awakening, we need to start thinking and start asking questions about our life, instead of blundering through it, getting ourselves stuck in the system of working hard for money and spending the money on things or activities that we thought will give us lasting happiness.

  • We need to acknowledge that there is an accelerated amount of disturbing or strange activities going on around the world such as disasters, conflicts and out of the ordinary phenomena. We thought we know why these events occurred but do we really? There are people who know about the truth of what is going on and this is interestingly tied to our questions on life as well. We need to seek out what all these are truly about so that we will not remain ignorant and be manipulated.

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Knowing and understanding more shall empower us to be in a better position to make decisions. Knowledge is power applies here. In order to better help you understand what is being explained throughout this course, I will first introduce you the concept of duality and briefly explain to you what is going on behind the scene.

The Law of Polarity - Also known as Duality or Dualism

I would like to introduce a simple concept here that we face in our day to day lives, so that with better understanding of this concept, we will be in a better position to understand other information.

Yin Yang Yin Yang

In this physical world that we live in, we experience duality and engage in dualistic way of thinking. What is duality? Generally, it is the concept where there is the perception of separation.

For example, a tree is being seen separately by itself without being a part of something bigger, there are people that you love and there are people that you hate, there is day and night, there is the masculine and feminine aspect of things just like the Yin Yang symbol, there is good and evil which is similarly portrayed as light and dark or right and wrong.

Of course in this two ends continuum of duality, there are the variations in between. This is the basis of separation.

One can also see these two ends in a more holistic approach, as two sides of the same coin. When we are able to think in a more holistic manner, we will be leaving the dualistic way of thinking. As such, decisions we tend to make will also become different.

The dualistic way of thinking can also be said to be a more narrow way of perceiving things and the holistic way to be a broader perspective. For example, a tree can be simply seen as an object in a continuum of things between animate and inanimate objects or living and non-living things.

In a broader and more holistic perspective, a tree is made up of atoms and molecules, just like everything else and it is a part of nature, a part of Earth, a part of this universe.

Here is another example, in a war, people fight for the ideals of their nation, fight for the freedom of their country. This resulted in death, suffering and destruction everywhere. If we know there is going to be losses and negative impact, why still engage in war?

Our history is full of war. It is the result of dualistic way of thinking, a narrower perspective. A perspective of separation in which a country is different from another, a race is different from another or ideals of a group of people are different from another.

It would seem that most of the time people have no choice but to engage in a war. This is often because one of the sides had engaged in dualistic thinking and had turned aggressive.

A broader and more holistic way of thinking should be that we are all living beings on this planet and should help one another. In fact, we are all one. Working with a synergy system, which was largely seen during peace time would have given us greater gains and would have been so much beneficial to everyone.

Here I would like to share with you a meaningful song by Jeff Van Dyck and his wife Angela Van Dyck titled - We Are All One.

However, our physical existence is dualistic in nature and therefore it is only natural that dualistic thinking persists. This makes holistic thinking as something that needs to be learned, something that is higher in nature compared to dualistic thinking.

Knowing that our physical existence is dualistic in nature, the question is, could there be other forms of existence that are different in nature? There are. There are different levels of existence that are higher and lower than physical existence and these are the higher and lower dimensions each with different levels of densities, a separate topic altogether.

In general, the realities of the higher dimensions get less and less dense and they are in a way further and further away from physical existence. Anything that is non-physical in nature is generally referred to as Spirit such as the use of "In spirit" or "spirit form" etc.

Dark Forces - A Brief Introduction

Here is the point that I would like to emphasize. I need to inform you that good and evil exist and there are forces of light and there are forces of darkness.

Here is an example. During world war two, the Nazis did things that are really cruel, there is genocide and there are the concentration camps. If you have seen the condition of the concentration camps from photos, films or media that is depicting the conditions that were discovered then, you would have come to the conclusion that it is inhuman.

Inhuman is the word or that it is so evil that it is indescribable. Do you think ordinary human beings would be able to do onto another human being such cruel, inhumane and evil acts?

I am indicating to you that dark forces are at work here. Recently, there has been many findings and discovery that will point to you such a fact. The dark forces are a very real phenomenon and they have been working behind the scene manipulating humanity for a very long time.

I will discuss more about the dark forces later. You will need to know certain facts first before you will believe in the existence of the dark forces. Knowing the truth about life on Earth will be your first step to spiritual awakening.


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