Strikes and Demonstrations

The energy of rebellion is a characteristic that is part of our changing times. Such energy was first felt prominently in the Middle East where we see strikes and demonstrations occurring in Tunisia and in Egypt and in which eventually led to a successful revolution for the people.

This energy of rebellion and revolution is spreading quickly throughout the Middle East and the world. Since after the Egyptian revolution, we can see increasing occurrences of strikes and demonstrations in all parts of the world.

Many people have reached the limits of their tolerance when they have to constantly suffer due to economic situations or face oppressions created by the governments. This resulted in many people becoming aware that their government which was supposed to act in the interest of the people was not doing its job.

The Spirit of Revolution has now appeared in Spain. Yeah!

People rebel because they are not happy with the ways things are managed by their government. If the government is corrupt, people will find out one way or the other.

The truth is that there are many governments in the world especially in the west that serves the agenda of the dark forces. These governments were corrupted by the dark forces through various means and they are simply puppets to those few individuals behind the scene.

The Dark Cabals, the Powers That Be do not have the people's interest at heart. They do what they do to only serve their own agenda. People to them are only seen as assets or objects which they can control or eliminate through lies, deceits and manipulation. It is their nature not to be concerned with the suffering of the people.

As the progress of the dark forces to dominate the world had been slow, their desperate attempts to quickly accomplish their agenda have become their weaknesses. They have become bolder in their actions and have neglected and underestimated the power of the people to learn the truth and to act based on these truths.

The energy of rebellion is important because it allows humanity to remove itself from the grip of the dark forces. It is the way for the voices of the people to be heard. Rebelling is best achieved peacefully with as little violence as possible and most importantly with love. Love of the people.

There were many films created in the past depicting how a few heroes and the people unite together to fight against oppressive or totalitarian rule. This does apply in real life in the real life way. It is called Revolution.

In the films, it does feel good to see good people unite together and "fight" against the forces of evil. When the governments of the free people of the world are no longer puppets to the dark forces that is when the next stage of Earth's journey into the Golden Age will commence.


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