Synchronicity is the observation of an event that has great significance and meaning to a person. This event always seems to happen by chance and usually occurring in a way a person would not have thought will occur. It is often thought of as a coincidence.

When it happens, it can feel weird as the rational mind would think that such a coincidence occurring that struck something in the mind that make you feel that it is significant would be unlikely as what are the chances of the occurrence happening in such a coincidental manner?

It must be known that everything is a form of energy and everything is happening in the "Eternal Now". Higher consciousness does not perceive time and space the way our physical mind do.

Synchronize means same time, syn being synonymous and chrono being time and therefore synchronize being synonymous time. Synchronicity is in a way energies coming together in time and a person can think of it as the coincidences of meeting of energies.

Spiritual consciousness, those of a higher consciousness beyond the earthly plane use synchronicities in a way to interact with those that are related to them on the 3rd dimension of Earth serving as a form of communication and guidance. Thus it can be said that there are no coincidences.

Synchronicities does not really imply a form of constructed messages but more of the feeling of a nudge to get your attention, creating a form of significance to you perhaps relating you to certain thoughts or to whatever you relate it to.

During these times of change, many people are feeling these synchronicities happening in their life. This is often the case as people are being guided to their spiritual awakening and to be made more aware of their purpose in life.

These synchronicities often manifest itself in the form of a set of numbers being observed by chance and it causes curiosity and in which gave a sense of significance to the observer. These usually appear in triple or quadruple numbers such as 111, 222, 333, or 1111, 1234 in digital clocks, car plate numbers or in whatever mediums that show numbers. It often gave the impression of coincidence.

It has been mentioned in a channeled source that there are new gateways opening that are connecting spiritual energies more directly into human consciousness and as such, synchronicities will continue to happen and perhaps until the conclusion of the ascension experience into the higher dimension.

Synchronicities serve as a reminder that there is more to what appears in our reality from the perspective of the physical mind which is limited and that there is more to events occurring than them being simply coincidences.

Many people, who are awakened and understood the nature of synchronicities, uses them as a form of hint, guidance or direction from the non-physical the spiritual aspects that are related to them, throughout the everyday course of their life.

In synchronicities that involve numbers, the set of numbers that made up of 1s such as 111 and especially 1111 appear to be the most popular or should I say grab the most attention to people. Many people experienced synchronicities with the number 1111 and felt great significance to it.

1111 is a highly significant vibrational number, a frequency band that signifies oneness and connectedness. It brings forward a manifested frequency from the higher dimensions to the 3rd dimensional Earth through the consciousness of those that are connected.

It is indicative of contact and communications from the higher dimensions and is a frequency of the heart that signifies truth, clarity, abundance, creativity, harmony and oneness.

1111 also have to do with what we call the harmonic convergence and harmonic concordance and it is the sign or symbol that was presented to humanity making us aware that the countdown to ascension had begun.


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