The Darkest Night Before
The Heavenly Dawn

We are now entering the darkest of night before the heavenly dawn. Dark forces are extremely desperate now. It can be said that they are at their death throes. At this moment, they attempt to lower the vibrational frequency of Earth by purposely creating death and destruction and disseminating such news. It would appear there is much chaos, grief and tragedy going on around the world. But it is all an illusion.

We should see through the ploy and not be affected by it. We should center ourselves and not allow fear and grief to have a hold on us. It is crucial that we lift and maintain our vibrations as much as possible and to listen to our heart, living in trust and faith of our truth.

During a drastic change to a higher order, it is the norm that there will be chaos as the old are being removed or restructured to allow in the new.

Many will experience changes on a personal level. These can be the surfacing of certain negative emotions relating to the past for healing, changes in the physical, habits, relationships, career or having a sudden desire to relocate home etc.

The ensuing chaos in the darkest night is a time when many people will awaken as they question their old beliefs, questioning the reality in which they knew for so long resulting in a paradigm shift as the divine plans of the light unfold creating events to usher in the Golden Age.

During this period of time, the light and energy on Earth will get stronger each day and the galactic federation of light will continue to display their craft but with ever increasing proximity as they remind us that there is no need for us to fear them as they are our brothers and sisters from space.

Looking forward to first contact where the darkness of night eventually fades away and humanity shall finally be enveloped in the beautiful light of the heavenly dawn.


- auction9 - fan6