Nature of Reality 1

It is not quite possible for the mind from the third dimension, which is our world of physicality to fully comprehend the true nature of our multidimensional universe. However, we can understand it to a certain extent with the use of our imagination.

The whole universe is vibration in one form or another. The things that we see and experience in our daily lives are all vibrations in some ways.

When there is a vibration, there will be the speed, frequency and wavelength in which we can attribute to the oscillation of the vibration. Knowing that there can be no end to the different speed in which a vibration can vibrate, we can deduce that the universe is infinite in size.

To elaborate, we perceive our world with our senses and what we previously understood about our world is that the environment is made up of solid, liquid, gas and also those of the electromagnetic spectrum such as light, colors and radio waves.

Solid, liquid and gas are made up molecules vibrating at different states. Solid vibrates at a slow rate closely together while liquid vibrating faster than solid with a greater distance from one another and gases vibrate quickly with a large distance from one another as compared to liquid.

These molecules in solid, liquid and gas are made up of different kinds of atoms coming together and atoms are generally made up of subatomic particles namely electron, proton and neutron. Even smaller particles called quarks are found in proton and neutron. The smallest particles have been identified and they are called elementary particles.

Here is the important part, in quantum physics, experiments were conducted on electrons, one of the smallest elementary particles and the result was astonishing. In the famous Double Slit Experiment, it was found that electrons behave like a wave when not observed and behave like a particle when observed with a detector. When behaving like a wave, wave interference pattern will form.

The fact that the result became different, with the presence of an observer looking at which slit the electrons went through, if any at that point of time, does not make sense at all. Why would the mere presence of an observer affect the result?

Subsequently experiments were also conducted with photons, atoms and molecules with similar results.

Which-path information is the information that is derived from knowing which slits, if any, the particle that was shot went through.

What if observing the which-path information was to be done only after the wave or particle pattern were formed (Delayed choice)? That means that the information is recorded but saved to be observed later.

What if the which-path information was recorded but erased without observation after the phase in which the particles passing through the slits is completed (Quantum Eraser)? Will it affect the result?

Several experiments were proposed and conducted such as the Wheeler's delayed choice experiment, quantum eraser experiment and the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment.

In 2007, a team in France completed the Wheeler's delayed choice experiment with photons and concluded that the act of observation eventually decides whether the photon will behave as a particle or a wave.

In the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment, the ability to obtain which-path information even if it is observed indirectly will result in no wave interference pattern. If the which-path information was erased there will be wave interference pattern.

This means that as long as the which-path information is available, it will be considered as being observed and therefore there will be no wave interference pattern.

Niels Bohr was right when he conceived the principle of complementarity and talked about wave-particle duality.

There are three very important implications that can be derived from the findings of quantum physics that I have discussed here.

Firstly, all matter has wave properties. This is supported by string theory where it proposes that fundamental particles are like strings vibrating and the different modes of vibration determine their properties and the way they interact.

Secondly, when a wave interference pattern is formed despite that the particles were fired one at a time, does not make sense. The particles can enter either of the slits, neither of the slits, or even enter into both slits at the same time and combine again to cause interference.

The possibility of having one particle enter two slits at the same time when no one is able to determine which slit the particle enter, if any, tells us that our reality is not what it seems to be. This gives credence to the existence of multiple parallel universes.

Thirdly, the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment generally shows us that the choice that we make now can affect the past. To clarify this briefly, the experiment showed that if we erase the recorded which-path information, information recorded but not seen, and look at the result, which should already been determined in the past, it will always be a wave interference pattern.

If there is the which-path information somewhere no matter if it is being observed or not, and the result were determined, there will always be no wave interference pattern.

If you erase, there will be wave interference pattern, if you do not erase, there will be no wave interference pattern. Note the name of the experiment - delayed choice quantum eraser.

This tells us that time is not the way we thought them to be, progressing in a linear manner. This finding contributes to the possibility of time travel and also support the existence of multiple parallel universes.

Continuing with the first implication, we can see that everything that is in our environment has wave properties. This includes everything that we know of in the electromagnetic spectrum. It is known that the universe is full of cosmic rays and these rays are all vibrations with wave properties.

We can say that the universe is made up of vibrations and the movement of these vibrations in one form or another.

We can understand these by first visualizing solid matter which is made up of molecules, and these molecules is made up of atoms, the atoms is made up of subatomic particles and these particles are made up of elementary particles all having wave properties, in their own mode of vibration. We know that inside an atom, it is full of space and this is the same in molecules.

Certain cosmic rays are able to pass through solid matter. Therefore, solid matter is actually not impenetrable and is simply made up of vibrations vibrating so fast that it is beyond the comprehension of our senses. As the vibration gets faster and faster, we have liquid state followed by the gaseous state followed by whatever is in the electromagnetic spectrum such as light and rays.

We perceive the world with our five senses and the information collected by our senses are transmitted to our brain as a form of electric signals. These signals are electricity which is made up of the flow of electrons. Knowing that an electron is made up of vibrations, our senses are just a program operating with various forms of vibrations with different frequency levels.

Our five senses are limited to what it can perceive. For example sound and light are vibrations but we can only hear a limited range of sound and see a limited range of light and colors.

The range of light that can be perceived by our eyes makes up only a small fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum. The limited range in the spectrum shows only what we have discovered so far. However, we have to understand that the frequency and wavelength extend infinitely below and above the spectrum.

The electromagnetic spectrum that we know of is limited in range because we are limited by our senses and our equipment, which is mostly made up of solid matter.

For example, more than 90% of matter in the cosmos is unknown. This dark matter is identified by gravitational measurement and calculations on known "visible" substance. But they are not detectable by any means or do they emit any forms of electromagnetic radiation and therefore its properties are unknown.

Dark matter is not in the range of electromagnetic spectrum because they are in a form of vibration that goes beyond what we have discovered so far with our limited senses and equipment.

Our universe is made up of different forms of vibration. This can be better understood by using sound as an example. Sound is a wave and therefore it is a form of vibration. The characteristics of sound can be used to portray the similar characteristics that made up the universe.

Imagine the vibrations in the universe are sounds of different frequencies. In the harmonics of sound, when a note is played, the movement of the vibrations is in such a manner as to create infinite overtones of lower and higher octaves that sound together.

This is an important aspect in our understanding of the universe. We rarely emphasize on the infiniteness because our hearing is limited to a range of sound frequencies.

What is found in the cosmic background is the electromagnetic radiation that makes up the electromagnetic spectrum. These waves of vibrations carry energy as well as momentum and exhibit both electric and magnetic field components. The study of these properties and the physics at work are known as electrodynamics or electromagnetism.

The universe is an electromagnetic frequency grid where frequencies in octaves cross and affect one another. There is no such thing as a vacuum. It will at least have the presence of electromagnetic waves.

Magnetic fields cause gravity and mass follow as a result. When fields are crossed, when energies intermingle, which can also be described as when the chords harmonize or cause dissonance, new forms of energy are created. The result is what we call creation.

What we understand about sound can also be applied in light and matter for they are the same thing existing on different frequency octaves, matter being denser in nature.

Matter can be calculated in the form of energy as is evident in Einstein's famous equation E=mc^2 (Energy = Mass X Speed of light squared). This adds to the notion that the nature of solid objects is also part of an underlying system and that mass can be converted into energy. Examples are nuclear fusion and fission. Therefore matter is not really as substantial as most people would thought them to be.

Energy is defined as the capacity for a system to do work. It can be converted from one form to another. All electromagnetic radiation contains energy because energy in a way is the motion of vibrations or vibrations in motion.

It is absolutely possible to tap into the energy of electromagnetic waves to harness free energy. It is a matter of know how. We have done something similar with the use of solar cells, solar panels and solar arrays.

We use certain band of frequencies for radio and television broadcasting. These frequencies are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. We can switch radio stations or TV channels by changing the band of frequencies we tune into.

All these other radio stations and TV channels are available simultaneously at the same time. We just need to tune into whatever station or channel we want. Each station or channel is unique in the sense that they broadcast their own program whenever we tune into any of them. It is as though each broadcast has a world of its own.

This can also be applied to our vision. The visible spectrum takes up only a small portion of our electromagnetic spectrum. If we were to compare our visible spectrum to the infinite range of the electromagnetic spectrum, it would appear that what we can see is only a very small portion of an infinite range of possibilities.

There are many animals and creatures that we know of that can see beyond our visible spectrum. It is normally an inbuilt advantageous characteristic that is part of their survival instinct. Their world as they see it is equally as real as the one we see with our eyes.

Even humans have the ability to see beyond the visible spectrum. There are many people who are able to see auras, which are also known as energy fields.

With the possibility of seeing beyond the usual visible spectrum, we cannot dismiss the fact that there are entire worlds of existence that we cannot perceive that has its reality based on different bands of frequency than ours.

The extended electromagnetic spectrum is infinite. If a world such as ours that can be seen in the visible spectrum exists, why can't there be the existence of other worlds that are perceivable on different portions of the electromagnetic spectrum? It would be just like different TV channels existing on different bands of frequencies.

These other worlds would be the other dimensions of existence, not the dimension as we know it in science but dimension in terms of worlds in other range of frequencies. In my consciousness article, I will go on to elaborate that there is indeed life in other dimensions.

If we are to experience the realities of other dimensions, the technology that we use will have to have the ability to adjust and tune in to different kinds of frequencies.


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